Terry Crosby - A Toledo, Ohio 2-Time Sports Hall of Famer Travels The World


Terry Crosby started his extraordinary life in the Glass City of Toledo, Ohio.  He eventually became known in many places around the world. On the June 23, 2017 weekend, his hometown didn’t forget him. The African American Legacy Project (AALP) honored and inducted this 2-time high school sports All-American athlete into the African American Sports Legends Hall of Fame.


All-American Terry Crosby and his teams won multiple championships including the City Championship where Crosby broke records, rushing for 328 yards, 4 touchdowns and 4 interceptions against St. Johns in Toledo, OH - Photo Courtesy of Terry Crosby/Ellen Critchley Pittman


Terry Crosby, the 2-Time Sports athlete in football and basketball and his tradition South Ghana's Kente cloth that was presented to him by the African American Legacy Project (AALP) - Photo courtesy of Latrecia Knabbs-Hopson



The following week, his school, DeVilbiss High School celebrated its All-Class Reunion.


Terry Crosby, "Class of 75" with his DeVilbiss High School All-Class Reunion July 1, 2017 - Photo courtesy Terry Crosby


Terry was so excited and overwhelmed and said these two celebrations were the best two weeks of his life. Tears and smiles were his response to what he said especially for his greatest lifetime honor.



Terry Crosby, beauitiful daughter Latrecia Knabbs-Hopson, family and friends sharing his lifetime honor being inducted to the African American Sports Legends Hall of Fame - Photo courtesy of Terry Crosby




Terry was gifted in football and basketball earning the title of an All-American in both sports as a senior in high school and winning multiple championships in both sports.


Terry Crosby and his High School Football Coach & Athletic Director Dale Pittman and his wife Ellen Critchley Pittman (photographer) sharing this special day with Terry. Coach says "Terry is one of the top athletes in Toledo history while his wife is so proud of Terry's many achievements and his great works with the youth and community - Photo courtesy of Ellen Critchley Pittman


Terry received numerous scholarship offers to play either sports but he chose to be a “Big Orange” University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UT) “Vol  4-Life”. He was an outstanding UT basketball player from 1975 – 1979 having a 19 point average his junior year and being the 4th leading scorer in Southeastern Conference (SEC) that year.


University of Tennessee's first "Air Jordan" known as Terry "TC" Crosby - Photo Courtesy of Terry Crosby/UT


During that magical time “The Ernie & Bernie Show” featured UT and National Basketball Association (NBA) Legends Ernie Grunfeld and Bernard King, both New Yorkers, and UT/NBA Champion, Reggie Johnson. His teammates continue to communicate to this day with the assistance of UT teammate Johnny Darden (#24), a high school basketball coach and teacher totaling 36 years who tries to have reunions so they all can jokily tell each other “you were my mentor”.


Terry Crosby and his former teammates, coaches and staff members at the University of Tennessee's Celebration Reunion for UT/NBA Legend Bernard King; (L to R) Mike Stapleton, Coach Frank Harrell, Bernard King, Mike Jackson, Johnny Darden; Back Row - David Cockrill, Terry Crosby, Jeff Fancher, Ed "Juan" Littleton, Patrick Messing, Ralph Parton, Pat Walden (orange), Vinnie Tracey and Terry Glenn - Courtesy of Raymond Moseley


Terry was a 3rd Round Draft Pick by the NBA Kansas City Kings (currently known as Sacramento Kings) in 1979 and played four regular season games until he received the call to play European basketball. Terry’s successful 17-year professional basketball career took him to Great Britain, Italy, France and Switzerland where he earned the entrance to the Guinness World Records book when he had a phenomenal 73-point performance.


The historical night the European fans witness Terry Crosby 73-point performance landing him in the Guinness World Records book - Photo courtesy of Terry Crosby/Ellen Critchley Pittman


This demonstrated how his first fantasy dream of being in the NBA for years did not become a reality, there was another path. God chose a different destiny for Mr. Crosby. 


Over 40 years, Terry Crosby is still autographing basketballs - Photo courtesy of African Legacy Project/Terry Crosby


Terry accepted his overseas professional career challenge and was successful because he remembered what his parents had instilled in him “never give up, always believe and have faith in your destiny”.  Terry’s former UT teammate Johnson gives Terry “TC” high praise by saying he was an excellent team player, all-around offensive and defensive player but was a true hard nose defensive player and he knew how to shut down star players. Reggie said because of “TC” shutting down Kentucky star Kyle Macy, we won the SEC Championship in 1979.



The 1979 University of Tennessee, Southeastern Conference (SEC) Champs - Photo Courtesy of the University of Tennessee


My hometown in the Knoxville area gave me a chance to witness these two aggressive champion (offensive-Johnson and defensive-Crosby) basketball players while I was a senior in high school playing basketball.  Our team made school history by being the first to compete for the State Championship because in the Sub-State Championship game, I played and said I was Reggie Johnson and defensive player Angie Sykes-Jackson said she was Terry Crosby. Since then, we all have retired from the game of basketball but can say we each won some type of basketball championship by having mentors motivating us.


University of Tennessee's Terry Crosby #25 using his great athletic ability to score over Vanderbilt in February 1979 while I capture the excitement - Photo courtesy of Renee Sudderth


University of Tennessee's Reggie Johnson #32 slam dunking brilliantly over Vanderbilt in February 1979 - Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth



Defensive high school player Angie Sykes-Jackson (L) and offensive player Renee Sudderth (R) making the "All Tournament" Team after saying and playing like UT's Terry Crosby and Reggie Johnson in February 1979 - Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth



No matter what life presents to you, still play hard, give it your best and you shall receive rewarding results.  That’s why four decades later, the African American Legacy Project (AALP) of Northwest Ohio held the ceremony to honor and induct Terry Crosby and eleven other legendary athletic standouts, Jacqueline Allen-Jackson, Joe Allen, Emerson Cole, Ericka Haney, Willie Harper, Dennis Hopson, Linda Jefferson, Porter King, Brenda Morehead-Campbell, Jim Parker and Craig Thames into the African American Sports Legends. They will always be considered the first class inductees that paved the way for future inductees to the Hall of Fame in Toledo, OH.


Dr. Romulus Durant, Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools speaks and introduces The Masters of Ceremony, Tom Cole, BCSN Sports and Charlie Mack, The JUICE FM 107.3 - Photo courtesy of Ellen Critchley Pittman



African American Sports Legends Hall of Famers-Ericka Haney (former WNBA) - (L), Legendary Terry Crosby and Brenda Morehead-Campbell (1976 & 1980 Olympic Team Player) - (R) - Photo Courtesy of Terry Crosby



Terry’s memorabilia are displayed in the AALP’s museum for generations to be part of his legacy. Terry was so proud, appreciative and grateful that the University of Tennessee custom-made his UT #25 jersey identical to the upcoming 2017- 2018 basketball team new jerseys and is encased forever.  


The University of Tennessee offically encased this for their outstanding player and graduate Terry Crosby in honor of his African American Sports Legends Hall of Fame in Toledo, OH - Photo Courtesy of Latrecia Knabbs-Hopson


On this special day, Terry will always remember how he felt proud and successful because of the AALP, his family, friends and others who played a major role in this honor and his life. Terry's honors one week and the next week honors included DeVilbiss High School where Terry Crosby was legendary before becoming legendary at the University of Tennessee and in Great Britain where he remained a citizen for 30 years.  Amazingly, Terry “TC” Crosby’s remarkable journey is not over.


The University of Tennessee Congratulating their own Legendary Terry Crosby - Photo Courtesy of Terry Crosby/Ellen Critchley Pittman


Mr. Crosby was not only successful on the court and the gridiron but is an achiever in other areas of his extraordinary life. He earned two degrees, Sociology from the University of Tennessee and Community and Youth Work Studies from the University of Manchester (England).  Presently, he is the Padua Center’s Educational Director for the Alternative Suspension Program for children, where he is a mentor/counselor and part of various community activities.


Terry Crosby, Padua Center Educational Director spending time with children and giving back like always - Photo Courtesy of Terry Crosby


Terry Crosby surrounded by officials in Toledo, OH - Mayor Paula Hicks, and City Council Yvonne Harper - Photo Courtesy of Terry Crosby


Terry Crosby and a child thanking their community firemen - Photo courtesy of Terry Crosby


Please watch The Glass City Grind TV Talk Show interview of Mr. Crosby talking about the Padua Center and his upcoming Hall of Fame Induction.


Terry Crosby's Story




Terry Crosby is definitely a multi-tasker and Hall of Famer, who has contributed tremendously to society.  Just because he didn’t live out his NBA fantasy he didn’t give up but strengthen his character,  kept moving forward, traveling the world sharing his God-given talent and giving back to the youth and communities and living by his own words “Got To Put The Work In” and “Greatness Prevails”. Well deserved to this Toledo, Ohio native while his parents look from the heavens saying “Son, we are so proud of you!!!”


God and Terry's parents looking down and saying "Son, we are so proud of you" - Photo courtesy of Renee Sudderth


Hall of Famer Terry Crosby has the right to be proud and thankful of his accomplishments - Photo Courtesy of Terry Crosby




© 2017.July This story written and photos by Renee Sudderth,Terry Crosby, Latrecia Knabb-Hopson, Ellen Critchley Pittman, Raymond Moseley and the University of Tennessee for Splash Magazines. It is not to be sold or reproduce without written permission of Renee Sudderth


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