Rankmark Golf Iron Test 2011

Rankmark Seal of Approval This was a tough test. Ambitiously, we decided to test more models, we had 91 different 6 irons and due to weather (seriously hot), holidays, and just plain bad luck, we had to run eight test events. But we did it and here are the results.

We learned a lot from these tests, the first being that most people want to hit drivers, not irons.
Ashdon Loft Line Irons

Ashdon Loft Line

The Ashon irons suffered from lack of exposure but most testers were very pleasantly surprised. Our test clubs were all graphite shafts. The club felt good and accuracy and sound were the strongest factors for the clubs.
Callaway Diablo Edge Irons

Callaway Diablo Edge

This club overall was a good club to use for most golfers that tested the club. Highest marks were for looks; sound, feel and distance number were within one point of each other.
Callaway Razr X Irons

Callaway Razr X

The Razr X scored strongest in looks and distance. In our obversations, it seemed that testers distances increased the more they hit the club. All totals were within four points of each other.

The clubs was favored by average and high handicaps, the average score for each group was identical.

Callaway Razr X Forged Irons

Callaway Razr X Forged

The Razr X Forged rated well with the scratch and low handicap testers. Average to high handicap golfers had trouble controlling the club. The only real dip in the ratings came from sound and only one tester gave it low marks across the board.
Callaway Razr X Tour Irons

Callaway Razr X Tour

The Razr X Tour came in with lower marks that the Razr X Forged in all classes but fairly better in the scratch group - this is a players club. It received the best makes for consistency and distance.
Cleveland CG1 Tour Irons

Cleveland CG1 Tour

The low handicap golfers liked this club. Strongest marks were for looks and the lowest was for accuracy, but not by much. The club being a blade with a smaller head had a direct influence on this with the consistent ball strikers giving the CG1 better marks for accuracy. The scratch players felt it lacked a little in distance.
Cleveland CG16 Irons

Cleveland CG16

The testers of this club basically agreed that this club was forgiving and easy to use. The low and average handicap group totals were all within a point of each other which makes this a very consistent club across a large group of golfers.
Cleveland HB3 Irons

Cleveland HB3

Golfers tended to either really like or dislike the looks of the Cleveland HB3 but from our observations and test ratings, this club helped the average to high handicap players hit the ball longer, straighter and get a higher ball flight. The club received very high marks for distance, consistency, feel and lowest marks for looks which greatly effected its finishing position.
Cobra S3 Irons

Cobra S3

Overall, the Cobra S3's highest marks came in the looks category with feel, distance and consistency a close second making the S3 a good club to try. The club's rankings was hurt by low marks for sound.
Cobra S3 MAX Irons

Cobra S3 MAX

The Cobra S3 MAX highest marks came from consistency and distance with feel one point off. The higher handicap testers seemed to prefer the looks of the S3 MAX over the S3.
Cobra S3 PRO Irons

Cobra S3 PRO

Golfers in all groups except scratch struggled with the Cobra S3 PRO. The highest and most consistent marks coming from the distance rating, so control this club and you will see more distance. From our testing, this is a club that is definitely best for the lower handicap golfer.
Fourteen TC 710 Irons

Fourteen TC 710

The Fourteen TC 710, though suffering from lack of exposure, elicited very good comments from our testers. The feel ranking received perfect marks from all. Consistency and distance ran a close second. This is a solid contender.
Miznuo JPX800 Irons

Miznuo JPX800

Throughout the average and high handicap groups, the Miznuo JPX800 did well. All ranking were within one point of each other except sound which was a couple points lower. The high handicap golfers found this club helped them hit a more consistent ball.
Miznuo JPX800 PRO Irons

Miznuo JPX800 PRO

The Miznuo JPX800 PRO worked the best for the average handicap golfers in our tests. Consistent scores across the board in this group accounted for it's final ranking.
Miznuo MP53 Irons

Miznuo MP53

The Miznuo MP53 strong category overall was sound, when they hit the sweet spot, they knew it. Looks and distance were the next highest categories. Interestingly, 75% of the high handicap testers gave the MP53 very strong marks in all ranking categories. Looks for the average handicap group brought the final placement down.
Miznuo MP58 Irons

Miznuo MP58

Golfers seem to enjoy hitting the Miznuo MP58. The look, feel and distance made this club rank among the best in the average handicap group. Light weight and flexibility with good ball flight where comments made regularly on this club.
Nicklaus NPS-2 Irons

Nicklaus NPS-2

Overall, this club was not a crowd favorite. The look and feel of the club were not impressive from most golfers which tested this club, although it ranked much higher in distance.
Nicklaus Polarity HP Irons

Nicklaus Polarity HP

Nicklaus Polarity HP did much better than it's sibling, the NPS-2. The feel ranking was very strong and sound, consistency distance were almost even. Overall, the club suffered from low marks for looks.
NIKE VR Pro Cavity Irons

NIKE VR Pro Cavity

NIKE VR Pro Cavity strengths came from looks, sound and distance. Totals for the low, average and high handicap groups were within 1.5 points of each other making this a very versatile club.
NIKE VR Pro Combo Irons

NIKE VR Pro Combo

This club was impressive. Low handicap golfers seemed to use this club frequently based upon the blade design and it garnered the most perfect score ratings of all clubs tested. Distance along with accuracy was quite evident when testers used this club.
PING Anser Irons

PING Anser

Placing in both the low and average handicap rankings, the PING Anser scored strongest in feel, consistency and distance. Looks and sound brought the club down in the end results.
PING G15 Irons


Always a strong contender, the PING G15 continues the tradition. Finishing on top of the high handicap group, the G15 was high in all ranking categories. It dropped in the average category due to its consistency rating but was one of the highest in distance.
PING K15 Irons


The PING K15's overall ratings were very consistent. The highest rating cam from looks - people who use PING's, love the the look. Again, it was the high handicap golfers that benefitted the most from this club.
PING S56 Irons


In the average handicap group ratings, the PING S56 was very even across all categories though it was two points higher in feel. The low handicap group was also very evenly scored.
RC Forged Blade Irons

RC Forged Blade

This club provided rave reviews on the look and feel of the club. Most testers enjoyed hitting this club, but being a blade, it's lowest rating cam from distance and consistency. Think about this club if you are a consistent striker.
RC Tour VS Irons

RC Tour VS

The RC Tour VS ranked well in all ratings for scratch golfers but suffered some low scores with the higher handicap groups. The club was one of those love it or not clubs because the rating were either very good or very low it all but the scratch class.
Srixon Z-TX Irons

Srixon Z-TX

The reviews on this club were good, overall the results were within two points of each other. Testers liked the accuracy and control of the club but the club suffered from lower rankings in the looks category. Most enjoyed how the club was more forgiving then others.
TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons

TaylorMade Burner 2.0

It was interesting that the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 did not finish higher, it had the second highest count of perfect scores. The conclusion being that you either really liked the club or were less than impressed. The average and high handicap results were within a point of each other. Both group found the looks and distance were the clubs strongest assets.
Titleist AP1 Irons

Titleist AP1

The Titleist AP1 averaged out pretty even in all ratings though looks and distance were a little higher. Testers found this club easier to hit than previous Titleist clubs.
Titleist AP2 Irons

Titleist AP2

The Titleist AP2 seemed to be very mixed to an extreme, testers either loved it (most prevalent) or could not make it work for them. The comments were very good regarding this club based upon the sound, distance and control of the club and it did the best in the average handicap group by a fairly wide margin.
Titleist CB Irons

Titleist CB

The Titleist CB was one of the big surprises of this iron test because the club placed so well in all classes but one. It received the most perfect scores and was either first or second in scratch, low and average groups. No other club was as consistent over this large of a group which is interesting in that consistency was the lowest of the categories for this club in all but the scratch group.
TourEdge Bazooka HT Max Irons

TourEdge Bazooka HT Max

Though it helped the average and higher handicaps, the Bazooka HT Max was hurt by it's looks. But true to game improvement clubs, it scored much better in consistency and distance.
TourEdge Exotics XCG 4 Irons

TourEdge Exotics XCG 4

Most testers enjoyed the TourEdge Exotics XCG 4, commenting on its feel, distance and accuracy. Lower handicap players did not care for the look but liked the feel, sound and distance of the club. Average handicaps gave it the strongest rating for feel and accuracy.
TourEdge JMax Gold Irons

TourEdge JMax Gold

There were Mixed reviews on the TourEdge JMax Gold. Hybrids seem to struggle because of their looks. While some stated the distance and ball flight was impressive, others did not like the look and feel. But the average handicap group gave it the best marks with only a one point difference between all ranking criteria.

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