Oakley Stadium Store – Baseball, Angels and Oakely, the Perfect Trifecta

Oakley and baseball go together as perfectly as a smooth fielding double play combination and they finally have merged into one as the Oakley Stadium Store recently made its debut at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. This marks the first Oakley store to open inside of a professional sporting venue and Oakley did it right, as this is as much of an experience as it is a store.

Oakley lenses

If you say the name Oakley, you immediately think sunglasses, but what they have created is so much more than something to block a little bit of sun. Oakley brings safety to the baseball field, but they are a perfect match to provide extra protection for your eyes in everyday life while also being stylish. What sets Oakley apart from everyone else? The high optical clarity, impact protection, lens curvature, semi-rimless lens design and light neutral colors. A perfect example of what Oakley brings to the baseball field came last year when MVP Miguel Cabrera was struck in the face by a batted ball that took a bad-hop. Teammates said they could see the imprint of the ball on his sunglasses that did not shatter. Had it not been for his Oakley sunglasses, you may very well not have seen the historical season that Cabrera had last year.

Oakley fashionable frames

While you might not be an MVP on the field, the best part of the Oakley store is that they will make you fee like you are an MVP. When you walk in to the Oakley store you will immediately find the custom eyewear bar. You will be assisted by an Oakley expert who will help you pick the frame, lenses and color that will fit your needs. Oakley has made this an art, no more just grabbing some random glasses at a store, now you will have sunglasses that are made exactly for you and to make them even a little more personal Oakley has an engraving machine in the store. You can have your name, nickname or even have the Angels logo engraved right into your lenses and it looks amazing.

Oakley Angel Gear

The Angels have not only teamed up with Oakley to open this store, but Oakley is now the official eyewear of Angels baseball. In addition, you are going to find some great Angels gear from t-shirts to sweatshirts in the store so you can take in the game in what high quality Oakley products that bare the Angels logo. You can join Angels Howie Kendrick and Mark Trumbo in your Oakley sunglasses and Angels gear.

While Oakley is the official eyewear of Angels Baseball, Oakley is far from limited to being beneficial to just baseball, there a number of sports that wearing a pair of Oakley sunglasses can make a difference. Golfers can benefit from the assortment of colored lenses, cyclists can protect their eyes from wind and flying objects, runners can protect their eyes from the sun and they are one of the few sunglasses that are comfortable to run in and in terms of water sports you can protect your eyes from the glare of the sun and the lenses can also easily shed water. The great thing about the Oakley store is that no matter what sport you are interested in, the Oakley expert can guide you to make sure get the exact pair of glasses to fit your needs. Not really into sports, don’t worry, Oakley has a great line of cool and stylish sunglasses as well. Whatever you leave with, you will leave happy and looking good.

For more information on Oakley, visit: www.Oakley.com

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