Nutrition 53 Giveaway – Lean1 Lives up to its Name

Bill Romanowski has always loved nutrition and that love gave him a lengthy NFL career and allowed him to play in 243 consecutive games. Once he retired, Bill took that love of nutrition and turned that into Nutrition53, a line of products that can assist anyone, not just a professional athlete. Bill recently gave his Lean1 product a facelift and to help introduce Splash Magazines Worldwide readers we have teamed up for a Lean1 giveaway.

After several successful years with Lean1, Bill decided to make it even better. The benefits of probiotics are finally making their way into the mainstream public and Bill decided to add this to Lean1 to let you reap the benefits. In addition he added highly absorbent pea protein and lactobacillus acidophilus and to kick start the fat burning there is also green coffee bean extract. He also bumped up the fiber by 60% and he increased D3 by a whopping 650%! Bill didn’t just add to Lean1, he took away a few things, namely calories, cutting a serving down to 200 calories and on average he decreased sugar by 15% and fat by 10%.Lean1 has some great new flavors including: chai, raspberry vanilla, banana and chocolate peanut butter.

To complement the vegan lifestyle, Bill came up with Vegan1. Vegan1 is a plant-based protein derived from peas, potatoes, and chlorella. Vegan1 isn’t just for vegans, anyone looking for a near perfect protein shake, this is it. Naturally sweetened with organic stevia, Vegan1 contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners and is all-natural, and free of dairy, gluten, soy, cholesterol, allergen, GMO, or trans-fat.

In addition to Lean1 and Vegan1, Bill still has the rest of his amazing line including: Neuro1, Sleep1 and Multi1. Neuro1 is simply food for your brain! No energy drinks or 5 hour something or another, Neuro1 is all you need to focus and be sharper throughout the day. Bill actually created Neuro1 to assist with problems from concussions and what he came up with was an anti-aging product for your brain. Any issues with sleeping, well Sleep1 says it all in the name. Sleep1 is a natural way to help you get the perfect night of sleep. Finally, Multi1 gives you 24 vitamins and minerals.

For a chance to win the three pack of Lean1 or one container of Vegan1, follow @SplashMagWW and @Nutrition53 on twitter and retweet the following:

Retweet: For a chance to win Lean1 or Vegan1 follow @SplashMagWW & @Nutrition53 & visit:

The winners will be chosen from all valid entries on August 16th, 2013. All decisions by Splash Magazines Worldwide are final.

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