New Cardio Fitness App - A Killer Workout In Your Pocket

By now you’ve seen fitness bracelets on the wrists of your friends to help them track their exercise. You may even have one yourself. But, as helpful as these tools are, they don’t tell you what kinds of exercise will most efficiently transform your body or show you how to do those exercises correctly. That’s why Mike Davies, trainer of 8-time Ms. Olympia Adele Garcia and owner of The Fitness Factory has created “The Cardio Boss” app, available on Apple devices. 

The Cardio Boss  is an app that delivers 10 fat-scorching, calorie-burning gym workouts, along with video demonstrating proper form for each component. The workouts use a carefully selected mix of timed, high intensity, low-impact moves that keep each program focused and interesting.

“I see it all the time, people go to the gym and only do steady state cardio and wonder why they’re not seeing results,” said Davies. “If you don’t get up to your anabolic threshold, your body will not burn fat. I developed each of the Cardio Boss workouts to get users in their target zone so they can burn excess fat, increase their level of athleticism and gain full body conditioning.”

With options for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercises, the unique Cardio Boss workouts allow users to learn new and different ways to use gym equipment. The $11.99 app is designed to allow for custom music streaming throughout each workout. Two additional workouts per month can be sent to the device for $1.99 per month on an ongoing basis to keep routines fresh and engaging.

“I can’t be everywhere but this is the next best thing,” said Mike Davies. “It pulls from over 20 years of industry experience and showcases dynamic workouts that are efficient, engaging, and designed to shape and sculpt the body.”

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About Mike Davies

Mike Davies is the owner and founder of The Fitness Factory. Since 1995, The Fitness Factory has been involved with thousands of clients, and is currently assisting over 400 clients worldwide. Mike’s clientele include the 8-time reigning Ms. Olympia, Adela Garcia, Ms. International, Jen Hendershott, and the past three Fitness National Champions. He is credited with coaching over 190 athletes to professional status in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure, making him one of the most recognized trainers in the world today. Athletes seeking to gain a competitive edge and stay in top physical condition, including Olympic athletes, Collegiate All Americans, NBA basketball and NFL football players, also rely on Mike for his expertise.

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