March Madness - How to Watch March Madness Outside U.S


This is the favorite time of the year for all hardcore college basketball fans, as 64 of the best collegiate programs will battle one another for the right to call themselves the best team in the country. For the novice fan who isn't familiar with this yearly ritual, this event is called the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament or March Madness, as it’s widely considered the most exciting three weeks in the sports calendar year. 

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However, if you live or frequently travel outside the United States, you know how frustrating it is to watch the entire NCAA men’s college basketball tournament way from American soil. Instead of viewing March Madness online, you receive an annoying message scrolling across your laptop screen, “Due to geo restriction, you will not be allowed to watch this event from your present location.”

How does this occur?

The NCAA’s broadcasting partners, CBS and Turner Sports do offer all of the tournament games on their respective websites for viewing pleasure, but this type of streaming service isn’t accessible in all foreign countries due to geo-restricted measures. Most cases, the country has blocked certain U.S. IP addresses because they weren’t included in receiving any form of the financial profits gained from the large global commercial advertising dollars that's often associated with the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament. No money, no access for their citizens to view March Madness on their personal computers, unless they have the knowledge or an understanding how to secure a broadcast feed of the games from another source. 

Try to avoid downloading websites that offer bootleg broadcast feeds of March Madness to a wide audience, as they bypass certain copyright laws. You may acquire malware or computer viruses during the course of watching the games on these sites. Buying a foreign television network subscription service isn’t a viable option, as the cost isn’t feasible unless you’re living overseas for an extended period of time. 

One way to avoid this mess is having access or creating a Domain Name System (DNS) server, which switches U.S. IP addresses to a useable foreign address. There is nothing illegal going on here, as this is a standard technological approach to managing public websites and other internet domains. Creating a DNS server will take care of all your problems and give you instant access to watch March Madness from anywhere in the world without interruption. 

The DNS server communicates with other servers by using private network protocol, which shares a database of internet domain names and other corresponding IP addresses. This will help you to better navigate the internet by allowing you to type website names into your browser and immediately making a connection to watch March Madness bypassing those dreaded encryption messages. The setback to this approach is that you will have to manage your own DNS server, as that includes periodical security updates and other functions that complete the service maintenance.

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