James Ortega Story - The Founder of Futboleros

James Ortega and all his brothers Chris, Edison & Milton were born to play soccer and were taught by their father who was a player in South America.  At high school back in CT, they were all New England & all Staters and were scouted by the top Colleges like Brown, UCONN and West Point.  James was quickly chosen to play for the US Soccer Ambassador Team in Europe where he played in Germany, London & France.  He and Edison were also selected to play for the Professional Lazers Indoor Soccer team here in LA. 

James Ortega Futboleros

Once he made Beverly Hills his home, he opened the first Beverly Hills Soccer store & then the Beverly Hills Soccer camp where he coached many students of all ages to play soccer at his camp.  He also coached the girls Beverly Hills High School team where many of his students went to school.  Milton Ortega his younger brother is the founder of Socceropolis which is a Santa Monia based camp but also has soccer clinics in various locations in Los Angeles for young kids 4 - 8 yrs old. 


James Ortega Futboleros

James is the founder of Futboleros who are the soccer entertainers for the LA Galaxy.  Futboleros are a Soccer Entertainment Company offering Professional Soccer Services for all entertainment events.  They have created a new and unique way to entertain the soccer world and beyond.  Futboleros are professional athletes who perform amazing freestyle soccer tricks to incredible crowds throught the USA and abroad.  They are also known as the "Harlem Globetrotters" of soccer.  Freestyle soccer performances consists of extreme soccer tricks and stunts to thrill many fans of any age.  They will bring you to an entirely new level of excitement and soccer entertainment.  James Ortega is sponsored by many of the best such us Adidas, Sony, Puma, T-Mobile, Red Bull, Miller Lite, Coca Cola LA Galaxy and Fox Soccer Channel, Univision and can be seen in many World Cup Soccer TV commercials all over the world.  http://www.futboleros.us/ 

James Ortega Futboleros

James along with his family have worked so hard and with much passion to bring the Love of soccer to Los Angeles and they are thankful to David Beckham for much of their success, as he has made LA Galaxy the MLS champs and has brought soccer to a whole new level here is Los Angeles.

David Beckham kissing MSL 2012 Cup

LA Galaxy and Futboleros have now partnered up to bring the public and many kids the GALAXY FUTBOLEROS ACADEMY 2013.  This camp starts tomorrow!!


James Ortega Futboleros

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