Is Los Angeles Getting a Football Team - Do LA Residents Even Care?

Imagine what things will be like in Los Angeles when the City of Angels finally gets its own football team. City residents will have a team to fawn over, games to attend, and because the city is densely populated with NFL fans already, it is likely games will sell out quickly and die-hard fans will appear seemingly overnight.

The NFL draws the attention of millions of fans per season. Devoted football fans anguish over their team, desperately hoping this will be the year that lands their team in the playoffs (or, better yet, the Super Bowl). Will LA follow suit, and be overrun by eager football fans desperate to see the city’s team be successful? Probably yes, but maybe no. Even if you’re not currently a diehard Raiders or Chargers fan, as an LA resident, you’re likely to start rooting for the home team (at least when the team isn’t playing your current favorite).

Is Los Angeles Getting a Football Team?

And, if the rumors are true, you can catch the games at the stadium (if they don’t sell out minutes after the stadium opens its doors). In the meantime, watch any and every game at home, if you’re lucky enough to have NFL Sunday Ticket (exclusive to DIRECTV, and the best NFL coverage for every live game). 

LA’s Franchise History  

Before the current rumors, here’s a look at LA’s rich franchise history. In 1936, the Los Angeles Buccaneers were the first team to join the NFL from LA. Many teams followed, including the Rams and Raiders. Unfortunately, despite fans craving an LA acquisition, no teams in recent years have been acquired by the city.

Is Los Angeles Getting a Football Team?

The Rumor Mill: Maybe…Maybe Not

There’s a number of reasons LA doesn’t have a team, including the main reason which is financial. It costs millions of dollars to build a stadium and move a team, and LA may intentionally stay teamless simply to avoid the huge financial obligation. In an effort to keep the Chargers in San Diego, a plan has been unveiled for building a stadium that will cost approximately $1.1-billion, and that’s to keep the Chargers where they’re at…  

Another reason LA may not get a team is general apathy. Although there’s a ton of football fans in LA, people don’t seem to care whether or not a team moves to the city. It’s possible this could change once a team is established, but when MMQB interviewed 100 Angelenos the city’s residents were more apathetic than awe-inspired.

There’s also ticket sales to consider… With so many apathetic residents, will games actually sell out? With no team-oriented crowd (LA’s a pretty mixed bag, with football fans rooting on lots of different teams rather than most residents rooting for the same team), it’s hard to say if people will front for tickets, or if they will continue to watch games from the comfort of their homes.

Is Los Angeles Getting a Football Team?

Dare to Dream

Despite a lot of reasons why LA won’t get a team, more NFL insiders than ever are insisting the city will get a team. The Oakland Raiders and San Diego Charges are in the hat, and play dramatic key roles in the rumors. And, being that LA is potentially planning to take two teams in a single stadium, it may well end up that both teams are playing in the city.

Nothing is certain until December 2015 when all the rumors will become fact after a highly anticipated NFL owners meeting. It’s then LA’s residents should know for certain if they’re have a home team or not. One thing is for certain, the NFL’s potential return to LA is a huge deal, and football fans are geared up to witness what could possibly be a historic event.  


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