How to Support Your Favorite Football Team

The spectacle of watching the raw explosive power and prowess of 22 men battling with all their might over a pigskin is indeed a formidable experience. Through supporting a team, many find a spirit of community, and fully share in both their team’s victories and losses. If sitting quietly in front of your TV watching the game doesn't quite cut it for you, there are numerous ways of getting involved and supporting your favorite team.


The thrill and excitement of a big game can begin long before the first kickoff, and tailgating is by far the best way of soaking up the pre-game excitement and atmosphere. Nothing quite says dedication as much as showing up well before the game, be it hours or even days. This football tradition has grown from humble beginnings to a veritable spectacle that is a show of support and a huge party rolled into one. The most ardent of fans spare no expense when it comes to tailgating in style and comfort. RVs are packed with all the latest amenities and party supplies; from satellite dishes and huge sound systems to fully stocked bars and cutting edge barbeques. All the gear, energy and enthusiastic fans ensure the tailgating is almost as big an event as the game itself. Preparation is key for the best tailgating experience, so it helps to read up on the stadium’s rules, regulations and parking facilities. For example, tailgating may be restricted only to designated areas, and the same applies to alcohol consumption. If it is your first time tailgating, focus on the essentials. Maneuverability and efficiency is key. You don’t want to be stuck loading a ton of gear back into your vehicle when the game is about to start, so bear this in mind when packing. Eating utensils, a portable grill, a cooler and a folding table are all you really need. Needless to say, widescreen TVs, party tents and campers can enhance the experience provided your organization skills are up to scratch.  


Team Tradition

As with any sport, football fans take great pride in their team’s legacy and traditions and participate in them with great zeal. Fight songs are the anthems of the team, and are often played during big plays, time outs and half-times. Knowing the lyrics is a must for any fan worth their salt, and the same goes for any accompanying choreography. The songs are just the tip of the iceberg, as fans often participate in various cheers and spectacles during games. These can vary from Mexican waves to color coordinated displays using the fans themselves as pixels of a huge picture on the stands. Although these types of traditions may seem silly to the outsider, they are a thrilling way of supporting your team and building a strong bond with your fellow fans.    

Pittsburgh Steeler Fans

Team Colors

Buying the merchandise of your team lets you show your devotion and loyalty, and lets others know about your passion. When it comes to showing off your team colors, you might be surprised at the sheer variety of merchandise that is available. Team shirts, caps and scarves are a must for any self-respecting fan, but there are so many other possibilities. Some teams have their own license plate holders, luggage, sports bags, car mountable flags, and even personalized checks and credit cards.     

Buy something you can use every day, such as a coffee mug. This will not only advertise your team, but grant you sweet bragging rights in the workplace after a big win. Check out your team’s merchandise online or at a game and get kitted out like a pro.

Coffee Mug Redskins

Get innovative

The crowd at a game should be just as exciting to watch as the event itself, so it doesn’t hurt to get creative. Fans can use homemade signs, costumes and body paint to create a real carnival atmosphere in the stands. If you are adventurously inclined you can get together with your friends and each paint a letter on your chest to spell out your team’s name or other message. Apart from being a lot of fun, you will also increase your chances of being filmed during the crowd shots. Outlandish costumes are another way of adding color and fun to the whole cheering experience. If you are not quite outgoing enough for such a stunt, you can always paint an amusing sign with an appropriate message. Just remember to make the letters large enough to be legible from a distance, and of course, be considerate to those fans sitting behind you.  

Football Fans Costumes


Let’s face it, money talks, and donating to your team speaks volumes about your dedication and love of the game. Football is a very expensive sport, and ticket  and merchandise sales might not be enough to cover operating costs, especially if it is a small or college team. Stadium repairs, utility bills and a plethora of other costs can really take a toll on the bottom line. For this reason, universities often appeal to alumni and the wider community to chip in and help the team out. Buying season tickets are a great alternative to donating, but it serves the same purpose. The purchase of a season ticket gives the team financial security as the seat is paid for, whether you show up to every game or not. Donating and/or getting season tickets can also come with some perks; be they reserved parking or choice seats on game day. There is also an undeniable pride that comes with the knowledge that you have done your part to help your team be the best it can be.

Money Donation


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