How to Nail Your Next Test Ride?

Being able to hit your goals, pass your test ride and even boost your stamina is essential while cycling. By changing things up a bit, you’re able to do the best that you possibly can, and even increase the goals that you set for yourself when on the bike. Consider these tips and tricks for increasing your time, your stamina and being able to hit those goals that are required from you in the end. Not being prepared for the ride, any ride, whether you’re being tested or not is something that you have to be. Consider these ways you can increase your times, bike better, be better overall and ace the test ahead.

Clean and Sanitize

Everything from your bike to the gear that you wear before you head out needs to be sanitized. You also want to ensure that you’re completely clean. Adding bacteria to your biking gear when you’re cycling around the area will only cause further issues in the end. Clean, sanitize and make sure that your gear is up to par.

In addition to this, having a clean bike will also go a long way. Cleaning your gears, spokes, chain and cassette before the ride will put your bike in peak performance to go over hills, up roads and wherever else it needs to go without having mud or other debris standing in your way.

Check Your Footwear

What you wear on your feet can make a difference. When you have cleats that are caked with mud, they are not going to provide you with the traction that you need to peddle fast and get to where you need to go. If the cleats on your shoes are worn down, consider replacing the cleat area of the shoes. This is an area that was meant to be replaced after some time, so being able to remove the cleats and put new ones on can increase your performance as you cycle away.

Bike Gears Mean Everything

Bike gears can help you enhance cycling performance when you’re out on the road. When you have high quality gears on your bike, you’re better able to navigate the roads ahead since you can easily shift between the gears, depending on the terrain. Without properly working gears, this is just something that is not going to provide you with the ease of cycling that you want in order to meet the goals that you have, and even pass the test. Always test the gears on your bike and if they’re not at the highest performance or standard levels possible, then consider replacing them to gears that are.

Wearing the Ride Riding Gear is Essential

With everything from cycling goggles to body armor and bicycle helmets, you have to make sure that you have high quality, top rated gear that is going to wick away moisture, minimize chafing and rubbing, while also providing you with a breathable way to stay cool while cycling down the road. When you’re comfortable during the ride, you can focus more on your breathing and your times, rather than having to worry about any pain or discomfort that you feel along the way. However, a lot of this gear is meant to keep you safe, as well. Choosing products that are going to protect vital areas of your body, such as a helmet, should be done with the best intentions possible. Cycling can be dangerous without the right gear, so don’t be caught without it.

Cycle on the roads ahead and know that you’re getting more out of the adventure that awaits. Set goals for yourself, practice often and keep trying. You will be able to meet the goals that you have and the testing that you need to have done. Just make sure you know what you need for a comfortable cycling ride, and then take off on the roads ahead. Meeting specific testing goals can be tough if you’re just beginning, but learning from the pros and choosing the best products for the ride can make it go much smoother. Even if you do not pass the first time around, make sure to practice and get back out there to try again when the time comes.

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