How to Choose the Right Bike Gears to Suit Your Needs

An essential part of cycling is having the necessary gear: the ideal gear is safe, efficient, and easy to ride in, all while reflecting your own personal style. There are so many different bike accessories and materials for sale that it may be a little overwhelming, and slightly difficult to figure out what you need to buy, and what you are able to pass up on. We will take you through the steps to choosing the right bike gears to fit your personal needs.

The Fit

Unsurprisingly, one of the most important aspects about bike gear is the fit. If you buy something that is too small or too loose, it will make for an uncomfortable and restrictive ride. Some crucial things should know if you choose riding gloves that they fit and allow for full motion with your hands and fingers. Likewise, cycle glasses and your helmet should not be too tight on your face. For most pieces of gear, you can test whether it fits right by seeing if it stays in place when you are sitting on your bike, holding the handlebars. If it is uncomfortable during the test, it is likely that it will be unbearable while on the road.

The Quality

No one wants to break the bank to buy riding gear, but oftentimes, quality products will come at a high price. Products with important features, offered at an attractive price, are of high value, and it is essential that you pinpoint these products and buy them while they are available. It is smart to purchase bike gear accessories online, from trusted sources, as opposed to buying products on sale from unknown brands. The difference in quality of your bike accessories may be the difference between you losing those extra few pounds, or avoiding an accident on the road.


Though some accessories are appealing due to their appearance, some bike gear accessories are a necessity due to the fact that they could save your life. For example, no one would ever recommend skimping on a bike helmet, in the unfortunate case that you might fall off your bike and hit your head on the pavement. Reflective stickers are also a good idea, particularly for riders who cycle in the evening. Cyclists worried about visibility may also be interested in neon bike gear and accessories, making them more apparent to larger vehicles who may not see them otherwise. The amount of precautions that one takes will vary from rider to rider, but the good news is that most bike gear manufacturers create their products with the safety of the rider in mind. Despite this, it is still recommended that you do your own research, looking at previous customer reviews and trying out the product for yourself before buying them.


Similar in quality, it is also of the utmost importance that your gear is durable and can sustain many usages, through rain, snow, and other weather. Most riding gear is made to handle use and abuse, such as your helmet, but some products are far more durable than others.


And finally, you should also take into account your own style and personal needs. Though there may not be any particular scientific benefit to buying orange biking shorts, if they are something you find yourself wanting and think you will wear frequently, there is no harm in purchasing them. In addition to your personal style, you should also take into account other things about yourself, such as your riding experience and habits, the amount of miles you generally travel, and the weather in which you usually ride. A rain jacket may be the most important accessory for a cyclist in Seattle, but a biker in Phoenix would most likely not be drawn to this sort of item. Gear needs fluctuate depending on location, the type of cycling that you do, and the type of person that you are. Luckily, companies typically have accessories available for every type of rider, and every type of geographic location.

Finding the right bike gear may be a daunting task at first, but there are many resources available, both in person and online, that will help you find the products that are right for you. Some things simply cannot be achieved without some safety tips and right gear, such as visibility and safety. Though some may be tempted to go without a helmet, or ignore the need for reflective sticker and other resources, they may regret it later. There is no “perfect product” for any cyclist, but by keeping personal style, durability, quality, safety, and fit in mind, you will undoubtedly find the gear that works best for you. It will keep you stylish, safe, and warm – rain, snow, or shine, morning or night.

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