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Gloveworx Santa Monica - Giving You the Heart of a Boxer, Three Minutes at a Time

By Stephan Martin

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One workout with Gloveworx in Santa Monica and you will realize why a round in boxing lasts only three minutes. Leyon Azubuike has taken boxing and turned into a calorie burning, heart racing workout that will leave all other workouts on the mat.

Gloveworx Ring

The new 5000 squqre foot state-of-the-art Gloveworx studio is simply breathtaking when you walk in the door. If you want a workout, this is the place to come. First thing to catch your eye is the competition boxing ring which is surrounded by heavy bags, speed bags, spin bikes, rowers and VersaClimbers. Then throw in a weight lifting area and a large turf area for core conditioning and calisthenics. To recover from your Gloveworx workout, you can use the professional-level therapy and recovery rooms, that include Whirlpool ice baths, hot water therapy, stretching and massage tables. Needless to say you don't need to go anyhwere else.

Gloveworx Workout Area

Gloveworx is far more than equipment and a cool looking place to work out. Leyon has taken his expertise from two sports, being a former defensive end at Temple University and also competing at the U.S. Nationals in the heavyweight division, to create workouts that will take you to a new level of fitness. The first thing when it comes to boxing that Leyon and his staff will teach is that you likely don't know anything about boxing at all. Like a lump of clay, Gloveworx is there to mold you. They will teach you the footwork, the punches and the movements that will not only get you excited about boxing, but will also have you working out like never before. If you have never tried boxing before I would suggest begin with a one-on-one session so you get the nuances of boxing down. The expertise and the personal attention to detail you get are well worth it.

Prepping for a workout

The workout is centered around the three minute clock that rules the boxing ring. To the novice you might have an opinion that often in those three minutes there isn't a lot of action. After one workout you will realize that simply isn't the case. From the placement and movement of your feet, to the twist of your hips and the constant jabbing or protecting using your arms and hands you will quickly realize why boxers put in so much roadwork. From three minutes sessions in the ring, to working the heavy bag for three minutes and onto intense cardio for three minutes, you will understand what goes into each round of a fight.

Working out in the ring

In addition to the one-on-one sessions, you can choose among the signature session, lightning session and boom session. The assortment of classes allows you to choose if you want a larger group or you want more individualized attention and whether you want more of just a workout or you want to really focus on your boxing skills.

If you have never tried a boxing workout before don't feel worried or intimidated about taking a class. While there are high level and knowledgeable trainers such as Leyon, they are amazing instructors and will take you through the basics in such a way you will be able to pick it up and understand even if you are a boxing novice. Workouts can make promises, but boxing delivers. You will be pushed, you will be burn calories, work up a sweat and you are sure to enjoy this unique workout and will look forward to your next session as Gloveworx becomes addicting.

To schedule a workout visit: Gloveworx or call 310.745.2957

Published on Sep 16, 2015

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