Getting the most out of a Titleist Driver

A successful fitting will not take place without an experienced fitter. 

By experience, I not only mean a knowledge of the equipment, but an understanding of the customer. It is up to the fitter to convince the customer to be themselves and not be distracted by the potential of the final results. It is much like a personality test, where many people wish they were someone else rather than finding out who they are. I was impressed with Joe Colbert of JBM Golf and the way he handles the customer while fitting the Titleist driver.

Secondly, where technology has taken the equipment is incredible. I have a reasonable understanding of clubhead characteristics combined with shaft function. To be able to dial in adjustments on the new Titleist drivers based on instant computerized data with regard to ball flight, spin rate and launch angles is phenomenal. These tests are not new as a whole, but the adjustability of the Titleist club head, along with the ability to change shafts on the spot is one of the recent developments.
Most impressive for me technically, considering that I am 62 years old, and have been playing golf over 50 years, was the ability to adjust the lie of the driver (this used to be next to impossible). We had found a shaft and loft combination that had good feel but produced a little too much draw. Joe opened the face about 1 degree and flattened the lie close to the same. Right a way the flight was higher and straighter. This was with the 9.5 degree D2 and a 73 gram Diamana stiff flex shaft. We then went to a 10.5 degree D3 head with an aldila 60 gram RIP stiff shaft with the same head characteristics. This was close to the same result, but with a few more yards carry  due to the combination of the clubhead settings and the shaft characteristics. More loft, more distance.

The bottom line is that I was impressed and thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  I would recommend Joe Colbert and the Titleist Driver Fitting System to anyone looking for the magic driver. You still have to establish sound technique, but by getting properly fit with a driver, you will certainly improve your driving.  

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