Exclusive David Kirby Op-Ed: SeaWorld's Convoluted Logic on Taiji's Dolphin Slaughter

Despite growing global outrage at the practice, the world’s premiere captive marine mammal company, SeaWorld, is still employing lip service and doublespeak when it comes to the bloody horror that is the annual whale and dolphin slaughter underway in Taiji, Japan.

Cove Watch - Animal Protection

SeaWorld—and much of the US captive animal display industry it helps steward—unequivocally condemns the Taiji massacre and other “drive-hunts” that corral and kill hundreds of whales and dolphins for human consumption, except for some of the cutest animals, which are furtively spared the knife by cash-wielding buyers who procure performers for amusement parks and “swim-with” operations, mostly in the developing world.

But SeaWorld, which no longer sources animals from an activity it now calls “horrible,” doesn't seem to have a problem with other entertainment parks re-stocking their collections from the Taiji tragedy.

Full Op-Ed at: http://www.takepart.com/article/2012/09/14/seaworlds-convoluted-logic-taijis-dolphin-slaughter

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