Converse Shoes - Why Do We Love Converse?

The year 2017 is amazingly the 100th year anniversary of the Converse All Stars training shoe. All Stars sneakers were originally designed exclusively for basketball players by the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1917. The business sponsored the Converse All Stars basketball team lead by Charles ‘Chuck’ Taylor, who endorsed the shoe when promoting the game in sports clubs and schools.


Taking on the Female Market

Converse" (CC BY 2.0) by Bryan Ledgard


Over the years, Converse have come up with hundreds of designs for the All Stars, all in keeping with the original shape and style of the shoe. It’s been available in virtually every single color, pattern, including country flags. The company has perfected the art of selling a shoe that appeals to all, making the design attractive to men, women and children. Aside from the standard white, black and red, Converse have taking on overtly feminine styles in bubblegum pink, gold and metallic purple, pink with white spots, and different colored sequined styles. There has even been an occasion when the company released a unique summer style with a flip flop design at the front of the shoe.


Why Did Women Embrace Men’s Basketball Shoes?

Senior Curator at the BATA Shoe Museum in Toronto and author Elizabeth Semmelhack told Couponbox in an exclusive interview about Converse that it doesn’t seem to matter what demographic a shoe style is made for as men and women simply know what they like. Men craved Rihanna’s Puma Creeper shoes so much that the manufacturers introduced a male version. Similarly, men wanted the Nike Swoop Air sneakers that were made specifically for WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes and were the first female athlete shoe to swamp the US market. Semmelhack claims that it was around the late 1990s to 2000 that Converse All Stars became more of a hipster craze, when the shoe was teamed with many different clothing styles that were in fashion at the time.


The Shoe That Styles Any Outfit

Converse All Stars have been seen on the feet of celebs claiming their own unique style, wearing clothes that may not match but somehow seem to complement and present a certain quirkiness. It could almost be portrayed as “When in doubt - just put a pair of Converse on.” We have seen stars such as Kristen Stewart gracing the red carpet in eveningwear and a pair of All Stars and Katy Perry on stage in a pair of pink Converse. Although jeans and casual clothes seem to be the most common fashion to accompany the trendy training shoe, there seems to be no rules as to what people should wear with them.  All Stars have become the affordable hip sneakers which are consistently timeless and will always be an acceptable and respected fashion statement.



The Converse Tradition

Perhaps Converse have been so successful over the last 100 years because they have always kept the same basic design? The All Stars style is unmistakable and even though cheap replicates have commonly hit the markets, the quality of the shoe and the starry badge logo of the Converse cannot be mistaken. Fashionistas want people to know they are wearing the real deal; with the incredible range of colors and designs on offer, it couldn’t be easier to show off a unique style even though more than a billion pairs have already been sold.

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