Cloud Chasing 101 - Mastering the Biggest Trend Since Vaping Started


Now that world culture has accepted vaping as a valid hobby, vapers have more freedom than ever to experiment. Some have taken the opportunity to tinker with e-cig design, and others mix and match ingredients to create the best-tasting e-juice. However, a select few took their love of vaping and turned it into a highly competitive, lucrative, and entertaining sport called cloud chasing.

Though cloud chasing has only been around for two years or so, today, the sport is wildly popular throughout the vaping community. The biggest cloud chasers have teams, fans, and even sponsors to help them win big at various cloud-chasing competitions. But — how can such a relaxing, recreational hobby be transformed into a spirited sport? Read on for more information about this exciting (and controversial) type of vaping.

The Rules

Compared to other sports, cloud chasing has precious few rules and regulations. Usually, contenders can compete with any make or model of e-cigarette and with any mixture of e-juice, allowing for a vast array of sizes and styles within the arena. Simply enough, competitors take turns demonstrating their cloud-chasing skill, and the most immense, concentrated puff will earn its vaper a title and some type of prize.

Competitions take place all over the country: in smoke shops, bars, meeting halls, and even online. As the sport has developed, some competitions have become stricter in mod regulations to ensure cloud chasers are being safe with their builds. Still, the sport remains incredibly flexible and welcoming of new participants.

The Technique

Of course, not every vaper can become a world-class cloud chaser with any equipment. Competitors precisely choose every element of their e-cigs to ensure they have the best rig for huge, dense fogs. Plus, most expert cloud chasers argue that a person’s internal structure — for example, his or her lung capacity and strength — will make or break a champion, so there is an element of in-born talent, as well.

Casual vapers likely find pleasure in the simplest types of e-cigarettes. In truth, competition-grade vaporizers and technique don’t provide an exceedingly enjoyable vaping experience, but they do allow contenders to create the most impressive vapor clouds imaginable. Here are a handful of key factors novice cloud chasers should consider before their first competitions:

Mod build. Cloud chasers tend look for high-voltage mods that won’t dissipate, providing long, hard hits of vapor that produce enormous clouds.

Air flow. The more air flow through the vaporizer, the more vapor can be produced. Certain manufacturers create top caps that are punched with holes to increase the amount of air a vaper can inhale without pulling hard on the device.

Battery safety. Because cloud chasing requires a lot of energy, a vaporizer’s batteries must be powerful — but they should also be safe. Vapers should only use certain batteries manufactured for use in vaporizers.

E-juice type. During practice and competition, cloud chasers usually eschew e-juice imbued with nicotine and flavor. The result is an odorless, flavorless juice made primarily with vegetable glycerin, which can produce thick vapor for hours on end.

Inhale/exhale procedure. Like in a yoga class, breathing rhythm is exceedingly important for cloud chasers. A huge, dense cloud will not appear without lungs that are fully saturated with vapor. The inhale should be deep and slow, allowing the body to inflate, and the exhale should be steady and concentrated, folding the body over to squeeze out excess air while keeping the plume nice and dense.

Genetics. Just as Kobayashi became a world-champion eater because of his larger-than-average stomach, some cloud chasers can create incomparable plumes because of certain genetic factors. Bigger lungs, wider throats and jaws, and stronger lips are all boons for cloud chasers looking to make it big.

The Fame

Current cloud chasing champions enjoy renown throughout the vaping community. Wielding an unmatched respiratory prowess and a surprising knowledge of vaping technology, these cloud chasers quickly become trend makers and icons. In fact, fan bases have sprung up around certain chasers.

Of course, not everyone is supportive of this new sport, and detractors point to the as yet unknown effects of e-cigarettes and the dangers of tinkering with complex gadgets. Still, as long as there are vapers who want to take their hobby to the next levels, there will be cloud chasers producing extraordinarily massive fogs.


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