Chicago Cubs Review – A Long Awaited Day at Wrigley Field

I have had the privilege of having my grandchildren who live in California visit Chicago on their own during the year when they are nine.  Recently, my youngest grandson, Justin had his turn.  Attending a Cubs game was at the top of his list of things to do in Chicago.

He was excited about seeing the Cubs because “It isn’t Chicago without the Cubs. I like to follow baseball and seeing a different team play would be interesting.  I want to see how different players do different things and contrast the Cubs to my home team, the Giants.  This is my first major league game that I will remember. My Dad took me to a game when I was too small to remember it and at home we go to minor league games.”


After four days of seeing the major sights in Chicago, the big day was finally here.  It was June 22nd, a big sports day with the Cubs playing the Astros at 3:00 p.m. and the Blackhawks playing the Bruins in the evening.  (The Blackhawks were the stars).

It rained a little in the morning and the prediction was for a hot, humid day.  Would the rain be so heavy the game would be called?  Fortunately, the day cleared and it was pleasant and clear with a gentle wind.  We boarded the “L”.  Is there another way to go to Wrigley Field?  When we stepped into the partly filled car, almost everyone was wearing some kind of Cubs shirt.  As more and more people got on, they, too, were wearing Cubs shirts, except for two with Blackhawks shirts.

The band plays on

Coming from the north shore, we changed trains at Howard and now the car was completely filled with Cubs fans.  We started to talk with a family seated next to us. They told us they live in Appleton, WI and began the day driving to Skokie where they parked, took the yellow line to the red line and were headed to Wrigley Field for the game and would drive back home again after the game.  There was also a family visiting from Philadelphia, excited to see the Cubs play.

When we got off of the “L” at Addison and stepped into the street and saw Wrigley Field in person surrounded by a sea of Cubs fans.  People were everywhere, but mostly waiting in line to have their bags checked so they could enter and find their seats, which is what we did after meeting up with Jackie and Steve, Chicago Splash Magazine journalists.

It was a beautiful day.  Our seats were behind home plate.  Justin observed that the ivy covered walls and rooftop seats were very different from the field where he usually sees games. We got settled and the game began. Excitement was in the air with lots of cheers as the Cubs scored.

The organ music was great.  The cheers were fun. There was a lot going on.  Vendors were coming by and from time to time people went to get some goodies in the food area.  The stands were completely filled.

There was the thrill of the crowd on their feet when it looked like the Cubs would score.  And there they were bases loaded and..Oh no-no score.   Suddenly, the game was over.  Cubs lost.  Justin was disappointed.  Jackie pointed out how terrific it was to have had a lovely, relaxing day at Wrigley Field.

She said it, that winning wasn’t the whole story but rather a day watching the Cubs was always a great experience and it is great to have an “old fashioned” park to come to.  Justin then added the Wrigley Field is the second oldest in the country and we walked back to the “L” through throngs of Cubs fans.  We were among 38,870 attendees who had the good sense to come out and cheer the Cubs.

Wrigley Field

1060 W Addison St  Chicago, IL 60613



Photos: B. Keer

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