Celebrities Who Play the Lottery – Even the Rich & Famous Like to Play

When it comes to fame and fortune, most celebrity figures have got things covered. Indeed, being a "celebrity" naturally means you're famous and with public notoriety often comes a salary that's far beyond anything the average worker gets. The only thing that means is celebrities have more money to risk than most.

Just because celebrities have more than some people could ever wish for, it doesn't mean they don't enjoy riding their luck and playing the lottery from time to time. Although a major win on the lottery probably won't change the lives of the richest celebrities in the same way it would a regular Joe, baseball stars such as Chris Singleton and Matt Kemp are no strangers to playing the lottery.

Whether it's heading to their local convenience store or navigating to online sites such as Lottoland and following a link that says "buy tickets for the Mega Millions here", a number of US stars have made it known that they enjoy playing the lottery.

As it stands there haven't been any high-profile stories of a major celebrity winning, but that's certainly not through lack of trying. In fact, back in 2012 when the Mega Millions' jackpot hit an eye-watering peak of $656 million, Singleton alerted his Twitter followers that he'd just purchased $10,000 worth of tickets. Despite being paid more than $1.3 million per year to play basketball, Singleton jumped at the opportunity to land an impressive lottery jackpot.

Unfortunately for Singleton, he didn't win the Mega Millions on that occasion, but one semi-celebrity who has enjoyed the taste of victory is Jack Whittaker. Although not a celebrity on the same level as Singleton, Whittaker was well known in business circles for being a highly successful entrepreneur.

Coming from nothing, Whittaker was able to build a water-and-sewer-pipe business worth many millions before winning the lottery. After purchasing a single Powerball lottery ticket worth $1, his numbers (5, 14, 16, 29, 53, and 7) rolled in on Christmas Eve in 2002. Within an instant he went from millionaire to multimillionaire after banking the $314.9 million jackpot.

Is it fair that someone with fame and fortune wins the lottery? Yes, of course it is. Is it right that celebrities enjoy more than their fair share of luck? Probably not. However, regardless of the rights or wrongs, everyone has the same chance of winning the lottery.

Whether you buy a single ticket for the Mega Millions online at lottery aggregators such as Lottoland or you visit your local store and purchase an endless ream of tickets, literally anyone can win the lottery and, potentially, become a celebrity in their own right.

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