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Karate and Self-Defense Studio Opens in Beverly Hills - Explore a New Fitness Lifestyle


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A newly renovated United Studios of Self Defense Karate dojo opened its doors recently to residents of Beverly Hills and others.

USSD Karate Studio in Beverly Hills

USSD Self Defense

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, United Studios has a program that fits your needs. Men, women and children of all ages can participate in this Kempo style martial arts which is a combination of an art form, a sport and self-defense.     

Sensei Jason Instructing a Child


Udi and Sanjini

I attend private and group classes at this beautifully decorated studio. I enjoy this form of martial arts because I think it is more well-rounded compared to other styles of karate. There are five animals in this system – the Crane, Snake, Dragon, Tiger and Leopard. Students learn katas, pinans, kempos, defensive maneuvers, knife and club techniques, weapons such as the Chinese Swords, Bo Staffs, Nunchaku; sparring and mediation. A class (group or private) starts and begins with mediation.

Sanjini Bhakta


Sanjini Bhakta


Beginning students start off with a white belt and then get tested for a yellow, orange, purple, blue, blue stripe, green, green stripe, brown and then the ultimate Black Belt. I have a brown belt at this moment.  

Belt System


Martial Arts teaches both adults and children a better sense of balance, self- confidence, self- defense techniques and discipline.

Sensei Jason Assayag is the Chief Instructor and was voted 2011 Instructor of the Year. He meticulously helps students with their specific needs in the martial arts discipline.

Sensei Jason

Try something different – come in to try out a free class. If you join before April 2012, you will receive one month of free classes and a free karate gi uniform.  

United Studios of Self Defense in Beverly Hills is located at:

250 S. Robertson Blvd

Beverly Hills

CA 90211

[email protected]

Contact Tel: (310) 855-1155


Sanjini is a Writer (Published Author), Actress and Martial Artist.


Published on Feb 28, 2012

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