Ball Up Tour 2012 - Ball Up Team vs Tyreke Evan\'s Streetball Team


The anticipated opening tour game didn't leave the attending crowd disappointed. Launching this year's Ball Up Tour, the game was hosted by Dominquez Hills College, June 29th. Ball Up Street Team included top players like Mr. Afrika, Air Up There, Sik Wit It and Bone Collector (both from Los Angeles). Playing against Sacramento's Kings captain Tyreke Evan's Streetball Team, The Los Angeles game was set to be a crowd raiser.


Ball Up Team started the first quarter hot as Mr. Afrika amped the audience with the first slam dunk of the night. Showcasing their talent and ball court swag, Bone Collector entertained the arena while Jesse "The Kid" did a few exciting court moves.

During the second quarter, Air Up There followed Mr. Afrika's first basketball dunk with his own. The crowd went crazy. Tyreke Evan's opposing team presented a challenge but it went unnoticed when Mr. Afrika effortlessly pulled off his dynamic signature windmills throughout the second quarter.

Considered one of the top "1-foot dunkers" nationwide, Springs stole the game with back to back slam dunks. Though Ball Up Team gave a great performance, so did opponent Assassin. True to his court name, Assassin killed any windmill spectacle given by Special FX after making a few clean jump shots.

Native to Los Angeles, Sik Wit It knew exactly how to hype the crowd scoring a 3-pointer, bringing it back to Ball Up.

Displaying their competitive nature, Tyreke's streetball team relied a lot on Handy Man's 3-pointer and an impressive streak of slam dunks during the third quarter. Getting close to the fourth and final quarter, Violator heated up his game and made a team effort with a tough defense.

Coming close to the end, it became obvious that Ball Up would win the game with a lead of 20 points. The skills and performance of both teams were impressive and a lot better than anticipated, teaching the crowd a thing or two about the stamina and determination of this year's Ball Up Team.

Going around the nation, make sure to pick a ticket for this year's tour and if you miss out... there's always next year.

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