BALL 'N Shoes - Bringing d3o Technology to Your Game

Trying to break into the basketball shoe industry is a task so daunting that most can’t even get their shoe out onto the court. Rodney Jeter figured out the blueprint in introducing his Ball 'N shoe and apparel company. He created a superior shoe and took the winning attitude players use on the basketball court and transferred it to the shoe game by out-hustling and out-working everyone else.

Laker Themed Ball 'N Shoes

A dream that took years to take fruition, Rodney made sure that he knew the shoe industry inside and out by the time he finally developed his Ball 'N shoes. Rodney played for a traveling basketball team while in the U.S. Army and he was able to see how shoes were manufactured in Korea. Then while doing some business research he read the book Swoosh: the unauthorized story of Nike and the men who played there written by J. B. Strasser and Laurie Becklund. That inspired him to write a letter to Adidias CEO the late Rob Strasser. The two began a relationship and Rodney started doing freelance work for Rob and the ball was rolling.

Rodney has unleashed his line of Ball ‘N footwear that is sure to shake up the shoe industry, not only in what this shoe will bring to your game, but also what Ball ‘N and Rodney are going to bring to the community. His strong belief in giving back can be seen in the community work that his company does and at the end of the day as opposed to most major corporations, Ball 'N wants leave a positive mark on the youth and the communities that they live in.

"We wanted to keep Ball 'N a minority owned business and we have a passion to give back to the community," Rodney said. "We want to make sure that our shoes get in the hands of the kids and that we can do some great things for the kids that we reach."

To give up your big name brand commercialized shoes; you are going to have to get something special in return. It is tough to give up those Nikes after so many years, but once you try Ball ‘N” you will only be asking where these shoes have been all of your life. You certainly won't see an ad budget that compares to Nike, but you will get an amazing shoe and you know that you will be purchasing from an even better company.

Ron Artest with the Ball 'N Collection

It is as simple as d3o technology to explain how Rodney came up with a basketball shoe that provides more comfort, support and cushion than any other basketball shoe on the market. As you know running and jumping on the hardwood is not always kind to your feet and joints, but that trouble is a thing of the past.

The d3o technology could be seen in the last winter Olympics, in motorcross, in the miliarty, biking and it is even used in Lambrugini. The d3o technology is soft and flexible, perfect for the sports world, but what makes it special is that on impact the intelligent molecules lock together to absorb impact energy. Rodney has put the d3o technology in the heel and toe of the shoe, the key points for any basketball shoe in terms of the amount of stress that is applied when playing.

Rodney, Ron and Norm Nixon

Once you play for just a few minutes in Ball ‘N shoes you will quickly realize the difference when compared to any other basketball shoe you have ever worn. Each jump, hop and step that you take feels less stressful from feet all the way up through every bone and joint in your legs. Don’t take my word for it, look at the career of Ron Artest. As the Los Angeles Lakers head for their third consecutive NBA Championship, you can’t help but notice for the first time in his storied career that Ron has played in all 82 games. Hardly a coincidence.

Rodney met Ron at the Ball 'N Shootout Streetball Tournament in New York. The two hit if off right away and not only did Ron love the Ball 'N shoes, but he loved that the company was committed to working in the inner city to help the youth and now Ron will be having his own signature Ball 'N shoe.

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