Russ Marchewka Profile - How Nutrition Creates an Athlete

The fountain of youth might not be out there as of yet, but there are ways to get you a little closer. Taking tips from pro volleyball player Russ Marchewka you will quickly learn that knowledge is the pathway to turning back your body’s clock.

Russ Marchewka at his volleyball best

Marchewka has taken the ability of his youth and he has been able to transform himself as he has aged into an even better athlete. Training is key for any athlete but the transformation of his diet from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to an organic, plant-based diet with the addition of high quality supplements and super foods has taken him to another level.

Russ Marchewka serving it up

“Since switching my diet and lifestyle, my body has never felt better.  At 28, my body feels better than it did at 24 when I started,” Marchewka said. “Karch Kiraly, the iconic legend of our sport was able to play at a top level into his 40's!  I genuinely believe that I can do the same.”

Russ Marchewka with his Oxylent

Beach volleyball certainly looks fun and Russ can't complain about the lifestyle, but as great as it might look as you watch it, you certainly have to train hard to be able to compete as you would in any professional sport. The volleyball season usually runs from May to September and Marchewka begins his training for the season in December, so he does not get much of a break. Once the season starts, he usually works out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then he recovers for a weekend of tournament play.

This year is going to be a change for Russ as the AVP went bankrupt, basically leaving the volleyball world open for players to choose when to compete and where to play.

"The best thing that's happened is that the AVP went bankrupt last year.  Going into this year we are all essentially free agents where multiple tours are competing for our attendance to play in them. Pro beach volleyball is starting over with the opportunity to build a strong foundation that will last a long time and elevate the sport to where it truly belongs," Marchewka said.

With multiple volleyball tours, Russ is expecting his travel to increase, which means more flights, more time changes and more impact on your body. With this in mind Russ said he makes sure to turn to Oxylent to help him get through this.
The most critical element of traveling is the dehydration and lack of movement.  When you're running around the airport trying to catch a flight, that is good for circulation, but you forget to drink.  Then you get on the plane and you get a cup of water if you're lucky.

Marchewka commented that today our bodies are being bombarded with chemicals due to  today's world of air, water, and ground pollution, which was backed up by the recent reports of how pour drinking water is. “The only way to get enough nutrients to combat these toxins is by supplementing.  My three essentials are super greens, fish oil and Oxylent.”

“When time and convenience are a factor, there are few things that can give you the nutrients and convenience of Oxylent.  I have developed high standards for what I put in my body,” Russ said. “Taking Oxylent gives me vitamins that are highly absorbable because of the effervescent technology and quality ingredients.”

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