Top 3 Entry-Level App Store Optimization Tools in 2017

Entry-level ASO tools

A Guide To Entry-Level Tools For ASO Analytics

App Store Optimization (ASO) has officially taken the world of mobile app marketing by storm. By creating the set of classifications that make up ASO, legions of hungry organizations, from startups to major brands, are eager to optimize their results so that their mobile app ends up in a premium spot in related App Store searches. This, of course, begs the question: what does it take to get there?

Along with keen strategists and fresh ideas, an abundance of helpful tools have emerged with the common purpose of making a contribution to the field of ASO, each striving to create a tool that is valuable enough that to will be recognized for its significance, and therefore succeed.

Today, three of these tools will be recognized, as we take a look some of the best, most accessible app store optimization tools that can immediately begin the process of stepping forward to maximize your app store gains.

While these entry-level tools are great, they are still elementary. Every application has different needs, and these 'cookie cutter' solutions tend to lose it's value after you pass a certain point.


3. AppTweak




This Brussels-based organization is different than others on the list, and it is certainly among the best as far as personalized consultation through marketing reports. AppTweak has been in existence since 2012, and they mostly specialize in providing specific information to help you increase downloads and rankings.



AppTweak tracks the statistics of the apps being managed by its clients, as well as the statistics of their competitor's apps. By comparing and contrasting this information, you have the ability to see how your strategies and those of your peers have succeeded and/or failed in adapting to trends and changes in the market. They offer ASO reports, Keyword Picking, Keyword Analysis, Keyword Monitoring, Mobile App Analytics, Reviews & Ratings, and Mobile App Marketing services.



AppTweak is easy enough to use and understand that it could be considered to be an "elementary" AOS service, but it does not lack in sophistication or previous success. AppTweak calls itself "The most powerful keyword app in the world" They've been live since the 3rd quarter of 2013, and have reached a point where they are creating 20,000 reports on a daily basis and working with well over 10,000 registered users from over 150 countries.


How Much?

There are four levels of membership with AppTweak; each of these levels will suit a specific size of organization or fall in line with how highly your organization is prioritizing AOS. According to their website, the levels are:

Starter (49€/mo)
Pro (99€/mo)
Guru (199€/mo)
Enterprise (499€/mo)

Each ascending level offers new features and a boost of features offered in the previous level. The price also gets smaller if you choose to sign up on a yearly basis, rather than for an individual month.



This is less specialized than many other ASO tools. Offering a broad view of optimizing your organization for ASO, it offers everything an organization needs to take its first steps into app store optimization.


2. AppAnnie




AppAnnie is a San Francisco-based organization that calls itself "the gold standard for app trends cited by industry leaders worldwide." In 2015, one year after releasing their ASO-specific platform, App Annie was ranked as the 10th fastest growing tech business in North America. They specialize in data analysis and are willing to share a surprising amount of their features and findings for free.



AppAnnie supplies vital ASO tools that provide the public with all sorts of helpful metrics about their own app, as well as others on the market, and supplies strategies on how to use this information to maximize the gains of web traffic. Like most ASO tools, AppAnnie has developed effective methods for picking, testing, and refining their keyword selection. But, AppAnnie goes beyond this, as you will be exposed to information which shows how different apps using each term are ranking in comparison to you, and each other. App Analytics from AppAnnie is a time-saving app that allows you to create a dashboard that evaluates performance, combining the store, ad platform, and in-app usage information.



94% of the top 100 publishers in North America rely on AppAnnie to inform their business decisions. Not only does the tool provide you with intimate information regarding your own process, including user engagement, how many new users you are acquiring, common feature requests and reviews by tracking and analyzing data as well as measuring the efficiency of advertising revenue and expense, but AppAnnie can compare your data with other apps of your personal choosing, in a portfolio that you have the freedom to organize and design yourself in collaboration with the informed suggestions of AppAnnie.

With the paid upgrade to the "Intelligence" level of AppAnnie programming, you will be guided through the app with excellent customer service, including onboarding, customized training, and dependable support.


How much?

There are three levels of engagement with AppAnnie. As has been mentioned, the first level, "Store Stats" comes completely free of charge. This is no small gesture, as Store Stats has the potential to supply a healthy amount of helpful data. Store stats allows you to explore rankings, reviews, features, and other aspects of app monitoring for millions of apps, completely free of charge.

The next two levels are Market Intelligence and Enterprise Market Intelligence. These packages are impressive, and as a unit, "Intelligence" is the top-ranked app market data tool, and their base of clients are currently generating almost 50% of app store revenues. Not only does this apply more specialized data regarding markets, trends, and individual app data, but it also generates professional reports that provide easy-to-understand insights. The results are premium, and so is the pricing.

Though the website does not give many facts and figures, "Intelligence" clients are able to customize their service to an extent, and it is believed that the range of cost, on a yearly basis, ranges from about $10,000-15,000, with the Enterprise model sometimes reaching up to $150,000+. Keep in mind they attract extremely high-end clients.



AppAnnie is a comprehensive tool with a wide range of uses. Although you may not be in a place where you are able and/or willing to invest $10,000+ in your ASO marketing, the free dashboard that AppAnnie offers is a gem, and you should absolutely be taking advantage of it.


1. The ASO Co




Veterans in the mobile space, James Bott, and Thomas Twigg started The ASO Co when they saw a gap in the app store optimization market. The ASO Co is a London-based firm that specializes in improving current rankings and growing revenue for mobile applications.



The company recently improved their strategy and product by releasing a new dashboard that will help their clients track and measure performance.



As specialists in mobile marketing, the team has created a system that will absolutely improve your app's performance in search rankings. Their methodology is based on principles that they publicize freely. The ASO Co believes in the value of having keyword-inspired & search-friendly app names, packing your app description with keywords, creating an effective video trailer for your app, personalizing your content, designing for tablets, using creative anchor tags, creating smaller APK's and viral loops, and generally focusing on more than just downloads. Not only do they hold these values dear, but they have developed a set of practices that cultivates success using these values.


How Much?

After speaking with representatives from The ASO Co regarding pricing, they said that there are no cookie-cutter solutions as every company is different.



It is easy to see why The ASO Co has vaulted to the top. In the midst of an abundance of competition, The ASO co stands out as a platform offering premium services at extremely affordable rates.


Final Words

There is a staggering amount of innovation regarding how this data is collected, analyzed, and communicated to app manufacturers of all sizes. Although these three all make a case for being the best, there are dozens of other helpful tools that can aid your organization in other, perhaps more general or specific ways. If your business can benefit from more attention and success on the app store front, it is vital that you recognize the importance of ASO marketing and begin to implement an informed strategy immediately.

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