Tiffen dfx 3.0 Software Review – Magic in the Making

The Tiffen Dfx v 3, a new generation digital filter suite package that offers users a full range of filters and image editing manipulation tools that surpasses any Photoshop tool you've ever used.

Tiffen Dfx v3 Software

The Tiffen Dfx v 3 offers a standalone license option for Apple Aperture, or a plug in option that allows the Tiffen Dfx v 3 to be used with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom.

Tiffen dfx v3 palatte

Even though I do as much as possible in other digital image rendering tools, such as Snagit or Picasso, I still need Photoshop for some tasks and knowing that I can use the same plug-in with both is convenient.

I’ve been impressed with Tiffen’s Dfx v3 software from the time the company launched the very first version, because of the extensive collection of effects and especially filters—digital versions of many of Tiffen’s photographic filters that we used to use so commonly with film cameras.

Tiffen Dfx v3 offers more filters

The Tiffen Dfx version 3 has over 2,000 different optical filters and effects incorporated into the software. There’s so much that you can do with this software,  and could conceivably replace a many separate plug-ins for B&W conversion, masking, adding lighting effects, adding blur/changing depth of field of an image, and color correction, as well as debanding, deblocking, reducing noise.

And more filters

That’s a lot of power in one plug-in/stand-alone software title. And what makes this software so unique is it’s availability in versions for both still images and film/video editing as well. And like most plug-ins, you can tweak the strength of the filters. One of the cool things is that you can save filters as favorites, and when you’re looking for filters to use on an image, all of your favorites are in one location.

and even more . .

There are so many different things that you can do with digital images these days, that sometimes you can find yourself at a loss as to exactly what a particular image might need until you begin to browse within the filters, seeing the effect on the image you’re working on. And I also think that once you use such an extensive program like Dfx, and get more familiar with the many things it can do, the extensive amount of choices becomes less overwhelming.

Tiffen Software

I love being able to use one program, stand-alone or plug-in, for a lot of the effects I like to use on my images. It makes your workflow quicker if you don’t have to keep switching from program to program. And with Tiffen’s Dfx plug-in for Lightroom, all I have to do is ‘Edit in’ Dfx 3.0, and I can browse as many filters as I desire. Dfx is very quick when you’re working within it, you see changes instantly on the fly when browsing among the filters and effects. When you’re done working with a filter or effect, rendering is just as fast.


 Fore more information on Tiffen Software: http://www.tiffensoftware.com



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