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The Best of Social Media Campaigns so far in 2014

By Mary Ann Keeling

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Every phenomenon with the epithet social is bound to change in time, so do social media campaigns.


Facebook and Twitter are no longer the only attention-grabbing tools, new channels, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and particularly popular Vine, are engaging users successfully on different levels.


Brands are using social media to capture the attention of their followers and promote their services or products by delivering amazing and innovative ideas to the advertising world, although, very often, these campaigns lack obvious social elements, or have none at all.


Non-governmental organization, charities, formal and informal groups, and various organizations have all taken advantage of social media’s creative approach to convey their massage and fight for their cause.


Whatever the cause, the products or services, or the idea might be, whether it is a charity, a brand, a small business or an enterprise company, or an NGO, social media campaigns offer good insights into marketing and advertising world, and we all can learn a thing or two from their ideas.


Below is a roundup of the best social media campaigns in 2014 so far, which is a good opportunity to see how different organizations and brands use various approaches to attract their target users and accomplish their goal.


  1. #CrashTheSuperBowl Ads


The Super Bowl is a big challenge for marketers, and this year, with their #CrashTheSuperBowl Ads, Doritos successfully managed to engage fans on multiple social media platforms, with a simple, yet brilliant idea. The filmmakers around the world were asked to create their own ad, which would air on live TV during the Super Bowl, for $1 million prize and an opportunity to work on the latest Avengers movie.


  1. #SnackHacks


Vine’s popularity and effectiveness is best seen in Oreo’s #Snack Hacks campaign, which fully used the six-second form to tell a story, grab the users’ attention, and send a powerful message about the brand. The idea went on, and three celebrity chefs were asked to come up with innovative ways to use Oreo in gourmet recipes, which were filmed for a video series on YouTube.


  1. #Globalselfie


NASA’s #globalselfie campaign for Earth Day encouraged everyone to take a selfie for the Earth. The pictures from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and Google+ were used in an amazing “global mosaic”. NASA’s idea was brilliant from the start - using the popular trend of taking landscape photographs, including several social media, and, due to different apps, filters and devices, users were able to deliver the photographs appealing to the eye.


  1. Fearless Challenge


The Canadian Cancer Society launched a fundraising campaign Fearless Challenge, an invitation to all Canadians to confront their fears and help those who are living with cancer, fund cancer research, and through support service, help the patients and their families. On their campaign page, you will find different fears (heights, spiders, and sharks, speaking in public, and many more) people are willing to confront to support the cause.


  1. Smiling for Smiddy


Another great call to action campaign that raises awareness on cancer is Smiling for Smiddy, from Mater Foundation, which encourages people to test their physical and mental strength by participating in a swim, cycling or triathlon challenge. The participants are raising funds to support cancer research related to prevention and improved treatments of cancer. The next challenge is the IRONMAN Sunshine Coast 70.3 in September, and already many are participating and challenging themselves to support the fight with cancer.

  1. #F21StatementPiece

Fashion brand Forever 21 launched an Instagram video contest that invites followers to upload a video with a statement. Focusing on the idea that the new school year is a good time to change or try new styles, with the hashtag #F21StatementPiece, followers were posting videos of a dance routine for a chance to win a $10.000 scholarship. The brand was obviously hoping for an engagement that shows personal effort to create a dance routine, film it, and upload it, which followers delivered.

  1. Offbeat Bride

Offbeat Bride, a very interesting wedding website, is empowering its online presence with successful Pinterest strategy, not only creating boards with content from their website, but also providing valuable and useful information on the topics. Pinterest is easy to drive traffic and increase conversion rate only if the content is curated with care, which is the case with this Pinterest account.

With a good idea, any platform can be used efficiently, however, only if one is giving the audience what they want and wish for.



Published on Aug 18, 2014

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