Protect My ID - Guard Against Online Hackers

Millions are planning to purchase the new iPhone 5.  Families however should be cautious! New smartphone devices, while cool and exciting to play with, can be targets for hackers and unprotected information can be vulnerable to thieves.

Protect My ID - Guard Against Online Hackers

ProtectMyID has 7 tips to help improve your odds against smartphone hackers once you have that fun, new iPhone in your hands.  Here are four: 

1.       When you first buy your phone, password protect it with a unique password.  Use different passwords for each online account. 

2.      When you finished downloading and testing all those cool applications, log out of them- especially those that automatically access payment information.

3.      Only use trusted Wi-Fi networks.  With 4G and faster mobile networks, you should reduce the need for Wi-Fi hotspot access, but stay clear of open Wi-Fi networks as they are a perfect spot for malware traps.

4.      Learn what your specific mobile device needs to make it secure and actively manage that security.  Security apps will depend on the operating system, personal preference and budget.

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