Persona Profiling : Work on Human Side of SEO

The core of SEO is to generate leads, attract customers and increase return on investment. You need visitors who turn into your customers. Every business is different, so as its customers. Many times when you ask from a businessman who their customers are then they say "everyone" while it is not completely true. Your customer is "someone" not "everyone". This is what you really need to understand, if you want to generate high leads. It is time to attract those customers who are really your business' customer. You need to define your target market. You need to work on Human side of SEO and think about "Persona Profiling".

What is Persona?
It is a sketch of person (s) you are trying to target with the mean of your SEO practices. At current time, Content is the Key and it always will be. But you need to create content for a specific group of customers. If you write for your targeted audience, then you are able to get more sale leads.

How to Create Persona Profiling?
This needs a bit effort from your side and also brainstorming. You need to focus on three factors.

You are able to get demographics reports through market data and research. One thing that you really need to care about at this point is check dates of reports. You need latest reports and then create SEO plans based on this report. Things change quickly, so never use  an outdated report in your marketing plan. A good understanding of people's personal lives such as age, industry, lifestyle,level of employment, etc is indeed required. For example, Los angeles SEO might like to know what territory their local clients want to target : rural,urban, or suburban. When they have right idea of region, they can create content based on this specific areas people and their lifestyle. This targeted practice definitely help their clients to get more customers. There is no need to target the whole world, define your area and do seo for it. This is how their efforts would be quite fruitful.

Social Dynamics
You need to understand social preferences of your customers as well. Social connections normally have good influence on a person's interaction and thinking. An SEO is able to contextualize his link building approach when he has clear idea of his customer's social dynamics. For example, when you know where your "personas" hangout then it will be easy for you to hangout at same place and create direct connection with your "personas".

Empathy Understanding
If you really want to get the best results from your SEO practices then you should really focus on "empathy" aspect of your targeted customers as well. This understanding help you deliver you business message in a more meaningful way. In addition, you can capture your customer's perspectives if you work on this side of personas.

In simple words, if you want to generate more leads and needs the best results from your  SEO then you have to think about Persona profiling. If you work on such profiles then you get a chance to enjoy business success.

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