Mark B. Barron - Visionary and Inventor of the Future

Mark B. Barron is a visionary and futurist.  His eccentric style and nonpareil ideas are what keeps Mark coming up with ways of connecting the present with the future and inventing products that will make people’s lives easier and society safer.

Have you ever wanted something right NOW - and I mean anything from food or drinks, to a new pair of designer shoes, a special gift, or just medication to for sudden cold or fever?  This is where Mark's vision comes in to play, potentially making your life less stressful and more enjoyable, with goods such as those accessible at a moment’s notice.  All you need is your smartphone or computer to make this possible. 

Mark’s latest project is called CONSUMERON. It connects customers with a network of hyperconnected "grabbers," who are essentially delivery personnel at your service.  Using an internet-connected device, customers can select nearby grabbers to deliver their goods and complete tasks, with deliveries targeted within 50 minutes using streaming video over 4G networks and GPS.  Customers will be able to see what the grabber sees in real time, communicate with them directly, and see their location.

Once you register as a user, you can request what you want and from where you want it.  That request is routed to either the nearest available agent or a customer-selected one, after viewing their availability and locations on a map.  Once the grabber is at the requested location, their head-mounted, real-time video streaming device can allow for remote inspection of goods by the customer.  And once approved by the user, the agent acquires and delivers the goods to the customer, with GPS tracking and estimated time of arrival available along the way. The system is optimized to calculate the most efficient use of agents based on the remote location and delivery site; users can also establish a working relationship with their favorite agents and select them based on areas of expertise, experience and availability.

Companies such as, eBay, Google and Walmart have all recently started using or are developing same-day delivery systems.  Startups like TaskRabbit, Exec, and Postmates all can connect consumers with de-facto personal assistants, who complete tasks and run errands on the same day, but have yet to incorporate streaming video as Consumeron does.

Recent technological breakthroughs in wireless communicationmobile telepresence, and head-mounted computing make such a system feasible, and could provide the means through which a consumer can remotely see what their grabber sees.  With barcode-scanning and visual search technology, a grabber's head-mounted camera can also be used to instantaneously provide product information.  For example, a barcode scanned at a store with the camera could display nutritional facts and more for the user, making buying your items as easy as being there yourself.

For more information on Consumeron please visit us @ or contact[email protected].

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