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CSE Citation:

CSE (Council of Science Editors) style is divided into three sub-styles which is commonly used:

Name Year (N-Y) system

In this style, the surname of the author and the year of publication within the text is used to refer to the end of references.

The End References are then listed alphabetically by the author and then by the year.

Author names are followed by the year of publication followed by the title and the additional items that is the general sequence of the information in the end reference.

Citation-Sequence (C-S) system

This system uses superscript numbers within the text to refer to the end of references.

End references are listed in the order they are referred to in the text.

Citation-Name (C-N) system

 All references in the reference list are organized alphabetically by author last name, and assigned a number according to their order in t.

In text citation using CSE Style:

Every in-text citation has a corresponding entry in the reference list.

The author’s name and the year of publication are listed in parentheses at the end of the sentence without a comma, for example, (Rowling 2011).

If there’s no author, include the first word of the title followed by an ellipsis (...), e.g., (Mathematical research … 2009).

For 2 authors, list both last names in the in-text citation separated by “and” and not an ampersand “&”, e.g., (Jack and Jill 1998).

For different authors with the same last name, provide initials or enough other names to distinguish between them, e.g., (Rowling JK 2011; Benet SV 2002)

How to cite automatically using CSE Style of Citation?

You can get CSE referencing style in seconds by using CSE citation generator. ASA Citation generator is an online tool that helps the users to generate their citations automatically very easily and quickly. Users can cite their work by using following simple steps:

  1. Open any search engine that you already have. Type “CSE citation machine” and hit ‘enter’
  2. The search engine will provide you with all the citation machines that are available on the internet, right after you hit the enter button. Click on the link that you think is the most relevant.
  3. After clicking on the most suitable link you will be provided to the CSE citation generator.
  4. When finding the citation generator on the page, enter all the accurate information that is necessary to create the proper citation.
  5. Choose the format i.e. CSE and hit the ‘enter’ button.
  6. You will be provided with the citation generated in CSE format in just few clicks. 

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