DbForge Studio for MySQL Makes MySQL Development Easily

dbForge Studio for MySQL is the most powerful tool for MySQL database development and administration. It works with any MySQL database server from version 3.23 to the newest one and supports all of the latest features including MySQL triggers, views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, Unicode data and so on.

dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to create all objects in MySQL, edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data, import and export MySQL database data, manage MySQL users and their privileges, and has many other useful features for efficient MySQL administration.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is designed to make working with MySQL server simpler and provides the most needed features that can solve any kind of MySQL developers' tasks.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

Why is this tool for you?

dbForge Studio for MySQL is designed to meet the requirements of MySQL users and save their time doing routine tasks. Certainly, not the least of the factors for MySQL users is an ability to administrate databases via graphical interface.

The list of features that dbForge Studio for MySQL provides is really long. Most of them were designed specially for MySQL developers:

Visual Query Builder

dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to create SELECT statements visually. You can build new queries effortlessly and represent them graphically in your own applications.

With Visual Query Builder included in the dbForge Studio for MySQL pack, you can make complicated and large SQL queries without knowing SQL syntax. Change monotonous coding to "drawing" SQL queries, and development will look like a game.

Visual query builder

Code Dedugger

MySQL server is very popular among developers. Coupled with high performance, MySQL gives an opportunity to deploy and develop databases easily. Whatever you have – a simple website with 10 pages or a large solution with thousands of users – MySQL is for you. But MySQL provides no debugging support, which makes it hard to quickly write stable and bug-free code.

dbForge Studio for MySQL offers a step-by-step code execution mechanism that will help you minimize the time needed for testing and managing the most complex storedprocedures and functions.

Code degugger

Database Designer

When creating MySQL databases, developers often need to design the entity relation diagram for new databases, import current databases and synchronize them. The tool is created for database modification and reverse engineering in a fast and handy interface. It helps you to simplify database maintenance.

To create a visual database representation, just drag tables to the diagram from Database Explorer. All the objects are available for editing. Just double click any object to view/edit its properties within the corresponding editor.

Database designer

Databse Synchronization

Database synchronization refers to keeping two or more separate databases up to date with each other's data changes. You can synchronize not only data - dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to transfer schema changes between two various databases. It means you don't have to worry about database comparison and synchronization process. dbForge Studio for MySQL takes all users concerns and solves them easily.

Database synchronization

Data Export/Import

Often we need to import or export data to/from tables of MySQL databases. Nowadays it isn't a problem because you can find hundreds of tools that can do it quickly. But sometimes you need a special approach, and here you start to think which tool is better.

dbForge Studio Data Export/Import includes a wizard which allows you to set all the MySQL export/import options for different files visually in one-touch. You can export data to 10 most popular formats (HTML, MS Excel, Text, MS Access, RTF, XML, PDF, CSV, DBF, ODBC) and import from 8 widely-used data formats (Text, MS Excel, MS Excel 2007, MS Access, XML, CSV, DBF, ODBC).

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