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CyberYenta's Yenta Centa - Put It In The Smithsonian

By Rachel A Levine

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(Ann and Abbie have solved problems in print for many people over many years.  Now Splash Worldwide Magazines introduces our wonderful cyber problem solver.  Readers- meet our very own Cyber Yenta, Rachel Levine. Please send cyber questions her way ([email protected])  and watch for terrific advice each month.)



What is a "CyberYenta?"  A busybody  If not for her, how would you know what was going on?  Everything and everybody is her business. What good is a yenta in the “Cyber Age?"  Just because so much information is available to us doesn't mean we know what the heck to make of it! So, it turns out that in times like these we need a yenta more than ever before.

But what can I do for you?  Don't be such a big shot.  You think I would have a whole column to myself if I didn't know a little something?  I have big clients who pay me a nice a few shekels for my advice, by the way.

So, starting today, feel free to send me your questions and confusions about anything and everything about living in the Cyber Age to me at [email protected] . If I'm not too busy, I'll give a little response. Or else I'll ignore you and have a nice cup of tea and some pound cake.

 (What, you think I just sit around waiting to hear from you?)

Dear CyberYenta,

I work inside of an open-office that uses email and an office message system. I find all this very confusing! How am I supposed to know when it's appropriate to IM, email, or reach out to someone in person. Particularly, I find this difficult to navigate when I have a work related question. How am I supposed to know what's appropriate to IM, email, or tell to my coworker?


The most confusing thing of the cyber age is not email or IM or even Facebook settings. The most confusing thing is the "open office."  An office is a place you go to get work done.  To get work done you need a door.  Without a door, you don't have an office, you have a living room.  And living rooms are not places to get work done.  A living room is a place you socialize.  What wise guy thought this up anyway;  the same wise guy who made up the idea of  "multi tasking." Didn't his bubbie tell him "Don't do more than one thing at a time or nothing comes out right" ? This is what we used to call "common sense." But today, Common Sense is in the Smithsonian next to the steam engine.

But, since you asked a normal question, here is what I say:  If there are people all around you, why would you even bother with email or IM?  Just stand up and give a yell across your fershtinkineh "open office."  


Dear CyberYenta,
I  have several devices (imac, laptop, ipad, iphone).  When I switched from Windows PC to Mac several years ago, I deliberately chose to keep one device, the laptop, that was non-Apple.   That was in case there were certain apps or programs that Mac didn't have.
Now that I'm acclimated to Apple products, I'm not sure if this makes sense any more.  So my question is: 
If I need to upgrade / replace my laptop within the next year, should I replace it with another Windows product, or does it make more sense to go "all Apple?"


"i" this and "i" that!  Maybe you should start to think about other people for a change!

Rachel A Levine aka CyberYenta


                      "ENDURE THE TRUTH, EVEN WHEN IT'S BITTER"                                     

                                                                                  -- Old Yiddish Expression


Published on Aug 31, 2016

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