Crown Agencies Are Investing In Board Portal Technology

The advantages of board portal software to any organization are clear, and many are finally making the switch to improve communication and productivity at the board level. Board portals allow your organization to go paperless without compromising your security. A board portal allows admin staff to share board books with directors instantly, wherever they are in the world, with no courier fees or printing costs. Directors always get the most up-to-date information and it’s easy to make sure that no one gets left out of the loop. It also provides greater security than email, which can easily be hacked or compromised, a must for crown corporations and agencies.

While there’s no question that board portals have become a must-have technology solution, crown agencies must still do their due diligence when finding a vendor. Crown agencies are under a great deal of scrutiny in Canada these days; you have to look no further than the media attention Ontario’s Sunshine List gets every year to understand that issues like compensation and executive pay are all the public’s concern. Health agencies, housing authorities, insurance boards, public energy companies, lotteries and more are all under the public eye. The public expects crown agencies and governments alike to make smart IT decisions (unlike the federal government’s misstep with the Phoenix pay system).

Given how clear it is that the shift toward a board portal is a necessary next step for your organization, it’s time to identify what separates a superior portal from the crowd. You can find a great Top 10 Things to Assess checklist at in their board portal buying guide, which will help you narrow down your options. The checklist asks you to evaluate the software’s performance in each of these areas and more:

Innovation – Does the vendor take director feedback into consideration and do they regularly release updates to the technology? It’s important to find a product that’s always improving, innovating, and keeping up with contemporary security challenges.

Affordability – During the demo, find out about the set-up cost, the licensing cost, and training costs. Do they charge extra for multiple committees? One board portal that’s known for competitive pricing that appeals to crown agencies and non-profits is Aprio, while also providing the security and features required by financial institutions and public companies.

Support – What kind of training does the vendor provide and is it ongoing? When a new director joins the board and needs training, is there an additional fee? Look for one-on-one training between directors as well as webinars that keep clients informed about new features and releases. Since directors can find themselves working anywhere in the world, you’re also going to want 24/7/365 live support, another feature offered by the vendors Aprio.

Onboarding – Find out how the company will get you started, whether or not there will be support using the technology at the first meeting, and how your admin staff will be trained.

Security – As one of the main factors driving organizations toward security, it’s important that the software offer advanced level security that will meet regulations. That means password access required with every new visit, even through email-provided updates, as well as permission levels.

Keep these features in mind and more when your organization sets out to acquire a board portal software. You can find an affordable and effective technology solution today.

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