Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 - The Best Your PC Can Get

In today’s world where cyber crime is rampant, it is essential to protect your computer while working online. A general anti-virus is utterly incompetent here. No matter how good an anti-virus software is, you would require an all around internet security for complete coverage. Here Bit defender Internet Security2016 can be a great choice. The award winning software provides complete protection against all kind of online threats and makes your computer fully secure. And if the price tag is what bothering you then you can scour the internet a bit and get the best bit defender coupon for availing discounts.

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Here are the awesome features that make the software one of a kind:

Behavioural detection of threats

Bitdefender’s artificial learning algorithms evolve faster than any malware. This artificial learning technology is equipped with behavioural detection tools which can pin point any malware, even the unknown ones with accurate results and protects your computer from them.

Enhanced data protection

The enhanced data protection feature ensures that your computer is safe and secure from every kind of malicious programs such as spyware, rootkit, worms, Trojans etc. So matter the kind of threat your PC is facing with Bit defender Internet Security 2016 it’ll always be safe.


There’s no need to spend a king’s ransom on a firewall anymore. This firework protection works even better than a tradition firewall by detecting intrusion and monitoring both way data traffics. The best thing is, the Bit defender firewall works all the same with Wi-Fi connection too.

Minimal performance impact

While many internet securities make your computer run slower than a sloth, Bit defender does not impact your computer’s performance at all.

Enhanced Password Manager

The security codes, passwords, banking information you put in your browser are safely kept in a virtual vault by Bit defender. The internet security auto-fills the information for you as and when needed, while suggesting strong passwords and security codes for any purpose.

Remote control

This feature is best for commercial use. With this feature you can use Bit defender central and fix any problems that your protected device is facing.

Security Widget

This widget is awesome as it lets you keep track of all your security tasks and lets you run quick scan on any file or folder by simply dragging and dropping them on the window.

Anti-spam, Anti-phishing, Anti-ransomware and Anti-fraud protection

This offers great anti-spam, anti phishing services. The software easily detects any such attempt and blocks the same. The anti-ransomware feature is newly added this year and it lets you stop all known and unknown ransomeware from encrypting into your system. The fraud protection service gives you notifications every time you visit a website that can be suspected as fraudulent.

Rootkit cleaning

Malwares like rootkits cannot be removed from the operating system by regular means. This makes your computer reboot in rescue mode and cleans up the disk and restores the normal setup.

Various modes

Bit defender is equipped to detect the activities going on in the computer be it an ongoing game, movie or work. The software adjusts the visual settings accordingly to give the most pleasurable viewing experience.


More often than not, users forget to run scans on regular basis. As a result, even after having an internet protection, the computer suffers from various intrusions. The autopilot lets you schedule automatic scanning and cleaning routine, so that you don’t have to move a finger to maintain your computer.

With all these benefits and much more on offer, Bit defender is truly a next generation software that’ll protect your computer from every kind of threat. Very moderately priced, the software meets every requirement of your security concern. You can also avail some awesome Bitdefender coupon to get amazing discounts on price.

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