Bedloo App – The Next Generation of Voting

It is hard to keep up with the flurry of apps that hit the market every day and to be honest most of them come and go or they should just go. But once in a while a nugget appears as you are mining for gold and that is what the Bedloo app is.

Bedloo App

Bedloo has taken the voting concept a whole new level, going beyond the typical image, they allow video and audio files to fight it out for you vote and then Bedloo provides instant feedback. Technology and social media have created a generation of people who don’t want to be given entertainment options; they want to be part of the entire entertainment process. This makes the opinion of the consumer more important than ever and the key to this is finding a way that allows their voices to be not only be heard, but to become part of the decision making process. This is where Bedloo comes in.

Bedloo co-founders Daron Destiny and Todd Jones

Bedloo is a new app that allows you create an online A-to-B voting comparison that allows you to upload images, videos and audio files. If you want to have it voted on, Bedloo will allow you to do it and you get instant feedback on your poll. Bedloo has an assortment of categories, fashion, technology, sports, music and more, you are sure to find a category for whatever you want to get an opinion on. Musician and one of the co-founders of Bedloo, C. Vincent Plummer loved the idea as a way to involve his fans. “It is a great way to allow the fans to be part of the decision-making process, you can post two different album covers and let the fans decide which one you should go with and it really gives them a feeling of being part of the decision making process.

Bedloo co-founder C. Vincent Plummer

Bedloo was just founded this year by Plummer along with Todd Jones and Daron Destiny, this quick rise gives you an idea of what a unique and fruitful idea Bedloo is. Bedloo can be used from an up-and-coming musician who is looking for feedback on different songs, you can post two different styles of clothes if you can’t make up your mind what to wear and the uses can be beneficial all the way up to some of the biggest corporations in the world. Imagine if a brewery was trying to determine what new flavor of beer to launch, they could put it on Bedloo and let their biggest fans decide. Or it could be something along the lines of a Super Bowl ad, a company is trying to decide what ad to invest a million dollars in, what better way to help decide than by putting them on Bedloo and getting feedback beforehand.

Your phone might be filled with apps but Bedloo is certainly one you want to make sure you add and take a look at. While there are plenty of apps hoping to be the next big thing, Bedloo looks like it has the makings to be just that. 

For more information visit Bedloo

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