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Apowersoft Phone Manager is a thorough and productive bit of software created to help you sort out the files, messages, contacts and other data you store on your mobile phone. Apowersoft Phone Manager is completely compatible with Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile working system. Apowersoft Phone Manager permits you to perform many tasks.From the comfort of your PC, you can productively manage all the data stored on your iPhone or Android device.

To start using Apowersoft Phone Manager you will need to do two things. Firstly, you will need to install the software on your Windows-powered PC. Next up, you will need to connect your smartphone. You can do as such by utilizing the USB cable or by means of Wi-Fi. Connections to directions on how to connect by means of USB and Wi-Fi are helpfully presented on the application's interface.

Key features of the program

·       Recognises the device with all information

·       Transfer any and every file from your smartphone and android devices to your computer and the other way around

·       Work superbly with devices running iOS and Android systems

·       Manage photos, videos, music, SMS, contacts and different files

·       Backup a wide range of data from your devices to PC

·       Restore mobile files from backups

·       Bring phone screenshots with only a single click on PC

·       Show the screens of phone in different modes

Talking about the interface, Apowersoft Phone Manager has an interface that gives support to different dialects and is anything but difficult to explore. There's a board at the top that lists a few large buttons: Music, My Phone, Videos, Pictures, etc. You should click My Phone to view data about your smartphone. Click Music to view the music that is stored on a computer. Clicking Pictures will let you see the pictures which are stored on your smartphone. And so on, you get the thought.

You can do a lot more with Apowersoft Phone Manager. View essential and vital data about your smartphone: Model number of the device, battery power, firmware version, available memory, serial number, and so on. Transfer, import & fare, manage your pictures, music, videos, messages, contacts, eBooks, apps and files. Transfer received text messages, create and send out new text messages. Go down and restore data, view your mobile's screen on your PC and take screenshots. Productively manage all the data that is stored on your iPhone and Android. Because of Apowersoft Phone Manager, you can do as such from your PC.

Apowersoft Phone Manager is a completely featured mobile device manager on your computer, which can quite easily transfer and properly manage mobile data from PC or the other way around. It can easily import or fare music, images, videos, apps, contacts, messages, books and different files between mobile phone and computer. This tool is compatible with both iOS and Android. In any case if you are utilizing iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Vega, Sony and whatever other iOS and Android phones, it meets expectations.

In addition to this, this phone manager can also be used as a backup tool, which empowers you to backup all mobile data to computer in only a single click, including contacts, SMS, videos, music, apps and more. On the off chance that your files are deleted or lost on phone, you can even now recover data to phone from the past backup.

This software has picked up popularity among users because of its numerous capacities and extraordinary straightforwardness. To be specific, with it, users can without much of a stretch showcase mobile screen on PC, check definite phone information and data, change the wallpaper and ringtone of their mobile. Also, you have the capacity to send, alter, and get phone's text messages and contacts from computer. As opposed to utilizing your phone's shortcut keys as a part of taking a screenshot, this application can surely help you do that in only a single click. The file will be duplicated to clipboard or saved to a folder relying upon your choice.

On top of that, the fortunate thing about this item is that it can at the same time connect one or more phones to manage data effortlessly on your PC. It can form a connection between your phone and PC through USB cable or Wi-Fi. Appearance-wise, the application is not particularly great or unique, pretty much after the GUI-pattern of different programs with comparable usefulness; however, this transfer may make it more open for less experienced people.

One extremely useful feature of Apowersoft Phone Manager is the way that it can work with the most essential device sorts, specifically Android, Windows and iOS, so paying little mind to its working system; you won't have an issue getting to it.

You can easily view, add or remove files and contacts or backup your phone. To kick things off, you have to connect your device to the computer, utilizing one of three available routines: through a USB cable, by means of the Wi-Fi system or by getting a verification code from the identical mobile app. Once the connection is created, Apowersoft Phone Manager will show an image portraying your device's present screen, permitting you to learn different information about it, for example, memory usage, battery power, serial number or whether it has been established.

Also, the program empowers you to backup your phone's contents, so you can without much of a stretch restore them, should anything happen. You can also peruse through the files it contains and duplicate, delete or send out them to your computer. Also, you can add new files, including pictures, videos, melodies or books.

Besides, it gives you a chance to view notes, sent and received messages, installed apps and contacts, also permitting you to add new entrances or fare the records to a XLS, XML or VCF format file. It is basically a feature-rich mobile management utility. Generally, Apowersoft Phone Manager turns out to be a useful and dependable application that can help you clean up your mobile device, remove or add new files, back the data up on your computer, with practically zero effort whatsoever.

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