WorldMate Live Review and WorldMate 2006 Professional Edition Review – Ultimate Tool For The Traveler

Traveling is organizing flight, dealing with time changes, managing tight schedules, coordinating with others, and much more. MobiMate provides the tools to keep everything up-to-date on your phone. No need to run around the airport looking for the screens with updated flight information, pulling out sheets of paper with your itinerary, asking around for estimated exchange rates, and etc. You can have all such tools and more. MobiMate has out the WorldMate 2006 Professional Edition and the latest free WorldMate Live and WorldMate Live Gold Membership.

WorldMate 2006 Professional

WorldMate 2006 Professional Edition is about having the tools needed for traveling in the palm of your hands.  It provides you with 14 travel services all on your cell phone. Before I used to have separate software for half the tools like weather, currency converter, and etc. During my testing of WorldMate I found I could just delete all my old programs because WorldMate included it as well as showed me how convenient it was to have the all the flight schedules, itinerary, and more just a few clicks away.

Tools provided:
Comprehensive Flight Schedules – A giant database of all the fights and schedules for over 800 airlines allowing you to search for the 50 fastest connections to a destination.
Real-Time Flight Status – You can just sit back and relax while your phone keeps you updated about delays, gate information, as well as changes in real-time
Global Weather Forecasts – Perfect for traveling so you can find out what to wear, if you’ll need your umbrella, and etc in over 58,000 locations
World Clocks – A very useful tool to figure out if it’s appropriate to call people around the world. You can see 5 different world clocks at the same time
Global Weather Satellite Imagery – So not only can see the Weather Forecast, you can see instant radar maps
Currency Converter and Exchange Rate Service – A currency converter that allows you to view the exchange rates of three currencies at the same time for side-by-side comparison
Travel Itinerary Manager – A way to manage everything all at once. Your flights, hotels, car rentals and business meetings with handy alarms, ability to exchange itinerarys, and desktop synchronization with WorldMate Desktop Companion
Desktop Itinerary Synchronization – Letting you create, edit, and exchange your itinerary on your PC as well as import meetings from Outlook
World Day/Night Map – This lets you see where it’s still daytime and where it’s gone night
Packing List Organizer – A very cool tool that lets you create reusable packing lists that are separate-able into catagories like clothes, electronics, toiletries and etc
Clothing Size Converter – Very useful when your looking for gifts to be able to convert between the US, EK, EU and Japan clothing sizes.
Size and Measurement Converters – A handy tool to convert lengths,   weights, volumes, and etc
Global Dialing Code Guide – A searchable list of international dialing codes, time-zones, and area codes

Using the live updates on the weather, flight information, and etc require an internet connection on your mobile device. MobiMate’s WorldMate 2006 Professional Edition is $74.95 a year.

Your itinerary on you phone

WorldMate Live is the latest software put out by MobiMate that focuses on managing your itinerary, travel arrangements, meetings, and making them all easily assessable on your phone and online. The best thing is this software has a free membership as well as paid.

The open membership is free. This includes the WorldMate Live Outlook Add-In, WorldMate Live Website and many services including itinerary management, world clocks, weather, currency converter, and a world map.

The Gold membership is available and includes customized flight-update alerts, flight status, flight schedules, a travel directory and eligibility for customer support.

All the software you need for WorldMate Live is online

You can keep the flight, hotels, cars, meetings, and public transportation synced to your phone and has real-time access to flight details and changes, maps and directions, phone numbers, as well as e-ticket and confirmation numbers. You can get push notifications for flight departures and delays, arrival notices, and more. The management software is online and very easy to use. Just visit their website, use the software, and share it with colleges, friends and your secretary. The most awesome tool is the Outlook Plug-In. It automatically extracts itinerary items from confirmation e-mails. It also will import meetings from your calendar and verify locations. Just right click an email or item and click Export to WorldMate Live.

Use the Outlook Plug-In to automatically export to WorldMate Live

The WorldMate Live software is available for BlackBerrys, UIQ and Windows Mobile Smartphones. The Gold Membership is available for $99.95 a year or $9.95 a month.

More information about MobiMate visit www. and for WorldMate Live visit www.

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