Tech Talk: Ask The Experts - J House Media, Joseph Cook Talks About Ease of On-Line Shopping

I’ve known the J-House Media team for over two years now.  That’s a decent chunk of time.  Again and again we’d hang out, grab a drink and delight in stimulating conversation.  I’d ramble on about etymology and one of them would go off on an internet rant.  All in good fun.

Today I sit across from Joseph Cook, J-House’s Business Development guy.  Something about him reminds me of a movie star.  He’s got that Southern charm thing.  While we get to talking, he never really ends up answering today’s questions.  But I’ve got a feeling what he does say answers someone’s questions somewhere.  And, really, isn’t that what it’s all about?
Cool things you can do on the web...

There is a shriek.  It sounds like an evil knight just stabbed a beautiful young damsel in distress.  Since it's 1998 and it's two weeks before Christmas, you're standing on linoleum and you're under florescent lights.  You see thousands of people from where you stand and dozens of them are cursing and rubbing their sweat on you as they squeeze by to avoid the screaming 150 pound five-year old boy who's just been told that he can't have his very own sacred Tickle-Me-Elmo doll.  You have 3 hours left to spend with 5,000 strangers in this shopping mall, there are 15 gifts to buy from 12 different stores.  You have a spitting headache and you haven't eaten dinner.

There is a giggle. Your lovely young wife of two years snuggles up next to you on the couch.  She slides plates with homemade mashed potatoes, green beans and steak fillets onto the coffee table.  Her eyes widen and glisten as she reaches behind her, a bottle emerges and she pours a generous glass of Spanish red wine for each of you and asks you how it's going.  You tell her it's going wonderfully.  You had a wonderful 5 mile run that evening and you've spent the past two hours on the couch where you' ve visited twelve different stores online and you managed to buy 15 different gifts.  You've actually managed to finish your Christmas shopping in an afternoon.  She smiles at you and asks if you'd like to watch a movie.  You grin back, remembering that you used to have to drive across town to watch a movie in a theater and then you could actually bring them home from the video store.  Now, you pull your laptop onto the coffee table and type into the browser.  In a few moments you and your lovely are watching "Love Actually" in high-definition and in stereo on a larger screen than your TV had growing up.

There are a million ways the web has changed how we live and do business.  I know that's a fun number to say, but just consider – you could pick my laptop up off of my coffee table and:  Get a date, buy a car, start a business, watch a movie, find your friends, go to school, vote and even get married.

Joseph Cook, J-House Media, Business Development

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