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Fame can be interesting.  You noticed the “Ask the Experts” took a break due to the holidays and in those weeks J House Media has exploded in popularity.  Okay, I’ll say it, they’re kind of internet Rock Stars now Case in point, I arrive at our usual meet-up and find Jeremy Minnick (author of the last ‘Experts’ column) signing autographs out front.  Yeah, I didn’t believe it at first, either.  Let’s hope it doesn’t go to his head.

In his place sits Catrina Cook, J House Media’s Internet Marketing Specialist. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a nice change.  She’s a girl.  She’s hella-smart.  And she smiles at me.
In this week’s edition:

How do I rank high on Google??!?

This is the marketing question of the decade and mother to the SEO industry.  Yet, despite the unavoidable mystification of its answer by self-proclaimed gurus and "black hatters," content is still king.  No magic tricks or special formula can earn you long-term results.  There's no cutting corners, folks.  You've got to do it well, do it constantly, and darn it, people have to like it.  Interesting, isn't it, how success is once again equated to hard work?

So truly, overcoming this question is for the dedicated and die hard, not the technically savvy.  Though some technical aspects of your website can serve or suppress, your web designer should address these in the build process by following contemporary practices.  If you hired some guy working out of his parent's basement, you may need to reevaluate.

Otherwise, perseverance and patience in the following areas will yield positive results:

1.  Doing it Well:  This where you show them what you're made of.  We recommend applying a creative approach to quality content, which means taking all your valuable expertise, your witty humor or unique ideas (you better have them) and putting them into white papers, articles and web media that Google can read.  Copying someone else's work will get you penalized (and also makes you a lame cheater).  So you have to be original, and let's face it, your stuff has to be interesting and worthwhile if you want any recognition.

2.  Doing it ConstantlyGoogle, just like the search-mob, is looking for the newest and the latest in whatever area--you fill in the blank.  This means the stuff on your website needs to be updated, especially your home page, which you can do by adding dynamic, or self-updating content.  The other half here is continuing to add content to your site.  See "Doing it Well."  Rinse.  Repeat.

3.  What Happens When People Like it:  Whatever you have in the way of content on your site, give folks a way to share it with each other.  You can do this with a variety of APIs, such as "Share It" and "Add It" that allow users to email, bookmark, and add your stuff to their social networking pages.  When someone likes it they'll bookmark it on a social media site or tell someone else about it.    In addition, in-bound links are crucial to "ranking high."  If you're going to try building links yourself, you have to be as smart as Google; the links have to come from sites with content relevant to yours.  But if you have something people like you won't have a problem getting them to link to it, and in most cases you won't even have to ask.

These are the basics; they haven't changed and likely won't.  The fight for rank is a long and arduous journey, so march on SEOldiers.  And don't forget to make it

good; Google is one tub that crap won't float in.

Catrina Cook is the Internet Marketing Specialist of J House Media, an East Coast website development firm focusing on interactive applications and websites for medium to large businesses.  And, yeah, we're all kind of wondering what she's looking at in that picture.  Maybe if we're nice, she'll tell us next week.

For more information on J House Media or their services, you can find them at or call directly at 706-425-1976.

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