ScanSoft Paperport 10 Pro

We hear at LA Splash have always enjoyed using and reviewing ScanSoft Products. So, I could not wait to get a hold of this software to play with. I opened the box and loaded the software, it is like installing most other products so no worries there.

Get all your documents in order

I have been using Version 9 for awhile now and had heard there were some slight changes and improvements to this newest version, so I was off to explore. During this exploration I ran into a few problems but called tech support and they put me on the right track and no problems since. This software is quit helpful in organizing all you document to one location you PC. This is not just for the office this software will make the life anyone that much more easy.

PaperPort 10 Pro

Let me start by saying PaperPort Professional 10 is the most productive and cost effective way for everyone in your office to organize (even for those people who can't find anything on there desk because of the paper clutter), find and share paper and PDF documents. PaperPort Professional combines the efficiency of document management, the convenience of network scanning and the power of PDF document creation and assembly. And why? Do you ask. Should your organization use PaperPort 10.


*To quickly turn paper into organized digital documents
*Provide a better way to organize documents on your desktop.
*Easily create PDFs from Windows applications.
*Assemble scanned and digital documents with drag & drop simplicity.
*To ensure you never misplace a document, PDF file or photo again.


Scan, Create and Assemble PDF Documents

There millions of users have discovered that PaperPort saves them time by making it easy to organize documents and files on their PC. Its intuitive thumbnail-based Visual Desktop allows pages within documents of all kinds - including scanned paper, TIFF, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more - to be instantly viewed and organized without launching the associated application. Quickly create and assemble custom PDF documents, which can be reordered and merged using PaperPort's drag & drop stacking capability - just as you do with real paper. More...


Find Everything - Documents, PDF Files, Photos and Paper Instantly

Use PaperPort's All-in-One search engine to quickly find all matching documents - from standard Microsoft Office and other digital document types, to scanned paper and business cards, as well as PDF files received on email or downloaded from the Web. Its full-page OCR capabilities automatically create searchable PDF files, while PaperPort's support for meta-data simplifies finding images and digital photographs. Best of all, PaperPort supports searching centralized document repositories anywhere on the network, and can connect to Web-based content management systems. More...

Automate Information Collection with High-Speed Scanning and Professional Document Capture

Replace making paper copies with PaperPort's DesktopDelivery, which automatically transfers PDF copies from your networked scanners and digital copiers to your PaperPort desktop. PDF copies are easy to share using email, are more secure than paper copies - and best of all they save you time and money. PaperPort Professional also helps you streamline business processes, and enables paperless document workflows through its network connectivity with content management systems, including Microsoft SharePoint.

What's New:
•Revolutionary Split Desktop
Working with files on a PC and across the network is easier than ever with PaperPort Professional 10. With a new Split Desktop and Workspace, PaperPort Professional allows users to work in multiple folder locations at the same time, moving and assembling documents from disparate folders quickly and easily. A visual desktop with large, clear page and document thumbnails improves the way users work with their files, allowing them to quickly browse, organize and use files to view contents at a glance.

•Scanner Set up Wizard
PaperPort's new scanner set up wizard makes it simple to install and configure your scanner for use with PaperPort. An intuitive interface automatically walks you though the process to ensure the proper set up and enables immediate productivity when installing new hardware on your system.

•Support for ISIS Scanner Drivers
PaperPort now supports ISIS scanner drivers bringing a whole new level of scanning functionality to devices using this technology.

•Find Everything Fast with All-in-One Search
PaperPort's All-in-One Search allows users to easily find scanned paper, PDF documents and even digital photographs anywhere on their local PC or on the network. Using ScanSoft's patented OCR technology to index text information frozen in images and PDF documents, All-in-One Search goes beyond traditional search technology and enables users to quickly search by content, keyword or annotations. PaperPort now includes an index scheduler to allow for indexing when you need it.

•Visual Document Assembly
PaperPort's visual desktop simplifies working with different documents sets and different folders. Split the desktop so that each document or folder is always in your view and can be moved effortlessly from one place to another.

•Bookmark Workspaces
PaperPort is all about saving time. When you bookmark your workspaces, you automatically return to the same places in your documents and on your desktop so you can begin work immediately instead of hunting for information.

•Never Rescan Again with SET
PaperPort Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET) eliminates the need to re-scan a crooked document or to re-shoot a digital photo. SET tools provide a robust collection of powerful image correction and annotation capabilities, including straighten, contrast adjustment, color conversion, red-eye removal, sticky notes, highlighter, pointers, handprint notes and stamps. SET tools deliver professional enhancement capabilities with point & click simplicity, as well as capabilities that are particularly useful on Microsoft Tablet PC devices. SET tools are integrated in the improved PaperPort Viewer, and are available via right-click on the PaperPort desktop.

•Properties Pane
The Properties Pane is used to add document identification information to the search index so you can quickly locate files by browsing or by searching using the "All-in-One" search. Browsing is facilitated because the Properties Pane can remain open as you scroll through documents making it easier to find critical information fast.

PaperPort saves you time by bringing images from your scanner directly into the PaperPort application. Don't waste time by searching for your images. Configure PaperPort to send the images to the application so they are waiting for you on your desktop when you return from your scanner.

•PDF Combine, Stack, Drag&Drop, Cut, Paste and Delete
Manipulating PDF files is easier than ever. Accelerates the creation and assembly of custom documents by mimicking the way you work with paper documents. Easily add or remove pages, reorder them or create new documents with drag and drop tools that making working with electronic documents as simple as working with actual paper documents on your desktop.

•PDF Security
PaperPort protects your information by allowing you to set security options for individual documents. Keep your content locked down by requiring a password to view or print sensitive information.

•PageViewer PDF Rendering - Resolution Adjustable
Customize the view on your desktop by increasing or decreasing the resolution of graphics in PageViewer mode to optimize PaperPort's performance to suit your needs.

•PDF Create!
PaperPort includes the capability to create PDF files from all of your MS Office documents or any other PC application with PDF Create! - just like Adobe Acrobat. PDF has emerged as the universal standard for sharing and archiving documents and images. The PDF format lets you send any document or image to anyone, regardless of whether they use a PC or a Macintosh computer, and they can view and print the file - exactly as it looked on your computer - without the need to have the application that was used to create the original file. Now, there is no need to buy any additional PDF creating software - PaperPort Pro Office does everything you need.

•OmniPage 14 Office Link with Workflows
If OmniPage 14 Pro Office is installed you can set up a link to automatically process a document with OCR by simply dropping it on OmniPage icon on the SendTo bar.

•Automatic Downloadable Updates
PaperPort makes it easy to keep your software current with the latest patches by using a notification tool that automatically alerts you each time a new update is available. Simply click a few buttons to access and install the updated software to save time instead of manually checking the support site for new release information.

Key Features
PaperPort Professional is the first desktop product to combine the power of creating PDF files with the convenience of local or network scanning and the efficiency of document management, into a single, easy-to-use office productivity application. Ideal for individuals, workgroups and enterprise organizations, PaperPort Professional is the most efficient way to work with scanned paper, PDF files and digital documents. Revolutionary new features in version 10 like the innovative split-desktop deliver on the promise of truly effortless document management.

A Fast, Affordable Way to Create & Assemble PDF Documents

PaperPort Professional simplifies the creation and use of PDF documents throughout your organization. The PDF, or portable document format, is an open standard file format for sharing electronic documents - on email, over the network, and on the Web. You'll be amazed with what you can do with PDF files in PaperPort. You can create PDF files from any application; scan to PDF; search PDF files; annotate; highlight and merge PDF documents. Combine scans and photos with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint pages to quickly assemble custom PDF documents. Working with electronic documents in now as easy as stacking paper.

•Easily Create PDF Files from all your Applications
PaperPort Professional includes ScanSoft PDF Create! Providing cost effective PDF creation right on the PaperPort Desktop. You can also create PDF files from your scanner or PC applications, including Microsoft Office. PaperPort produces industry standard PDF files that are compatible with, but do not require, Adobe Acrobat and support PDF password protection for document security that many businesses require.

Use any local or network scanner to turn paper documents directly into PDF files that can be easily organized and shared electronically. PaperPort's DesktopDelivery feature allows businesses to eliminate the costly process of making and delivering paper copies of documents. DesktopDelivery connects networked digital copiers to users' local desktops, making it easier than ever to turn paper into PDF files that can be shared online and on emailed more efficiently than paper.

•Capture Web Pages as PDF
Capture Web pages as PDF files, providing a full-color duplicate for use offline. This is a great way to capture a permanent record of a Web site, speed up Web-based research, or for sharing Web pages as PDF attachments instead of sending a link that requires connectivity to the Web. Captured Web pages look exactly like they would if you had sent them to your printer, so it's even a great way to save copies of receipts from web purchases without wasting paper.

•Assemble Custom PDF Documents with Drag & Drop Simplicity
Working with electronic documents is as easy as stacking paper. PaperPort features a unique desktop design that displays individual page thumbnails alongside document thumbnails. Drag and drop entire documents within another document or selectively copy and paste individual pages from one PDF document to another. Quickly assemble custom PDF documents by combining scans and photos with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Easier Document Management with the Revolutionary Visual Desktop

PaperPort Professional is the most efficient way for everyone in an office to organize, find and share paper, PDF, and digital documents. Version 10 raises productivity for anyone that works with documents bringing a new level of organization to your work area by combining all the tools needed to scan paper documents and organize them in a single application. With PaperPort, important information is always right at your fingertips. Only PaperPort lets you see all of your work at once - providing large thumbnails of scanned documents, photos and application documents allowing you to quickly find, organize and use all your files without having to open them to see what's inside. It's just like having your paper documents spread out on your real desktop!

PaperPort Pro 10 goes to the next level for keeping all of your papers in one convenient place on your PC

•Assemble Documents with Drag & Drop Simplicity
Working with electronic documents is as easy as stacking paper. PaperPort features a unique desktop design that displays individual page thumbnails alongside document thumbnails. Drag and drop entire documents within another document or selectively copy and paste individual pages from one PDF document to another. Quickly assemble custom PDF documents by combining scans and photos with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

•Intuitive Thumbnail Desktop
PaperPort Professional provides a visual desktop with large, clear page and document thumbnails to improve the way you work with Microsoft Office files, digital photos, PDF files, scanned and digital forms, saved Web pages and all your scanned paper documents. Quickly browse, organize and use all your files without having to open them to see what's inside. Only PaperPort Professional allows you to split the innovative desktop so that you can move and assemble documents from two different folders quickly and easily.

•Fast, Easy Electronic Form Filling
Create neat, sharable and searchable forms in minutes. With FormTyper, completing paper forms has never been quicker. FormTyper automatically identifies the form fields allowing you to quickly tab to a fillable form field, type the information, and print, save or e-mail the completed form faster than completing and mailing or faxing the form by hand.

•Cut & Paste Text - From Paper and PDF
Eliminate re-typing information by using the OCR in PaperPort to extract text from scanned images and PDF files. You can even copy a portion of a scanned document to the clipboard, and then paste the text directly into a word processor or an email message.

•Never Rescan a Document Again!
Correct scanning flaws right on the desktop using PaperPort's Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET) Tools. Straighten a crooked page, rotate it, or color correct an image, all with just a click of the mouse.

Find all Your Documents with Ease

PaperPort's All-in-One Search is a powerful search engine that is the one place to instantly find your paper or digital documents on your PC. PaperPort will actually "read" all your files with the built-in OCR document reader so you can search for a word contained INSIDE any document including scanned paper. Just type in a word or phrase and PaperPort will bring up the right document immediately.

•Document Search and Retrieval
All-in-One Search enables everyone in your office to find any document instantly - whether it's local or on a network folder. Search by content, keyword or annotations. PaperPort Professional's flexible Search Index Manager allows you take advantage of non-peak processing times by scheduling when and how PaperPort will convert all your image files to searchable documents using the built-in OCR document reader.

•Locate Important Files Immediately
PaperPort Professional allows you to bookmark your commonly used folders so you can get to your documents right away. A "back" button makes it easy to revisit recently viewed folders eliminating wasted time renavigating to information.

•Safely Annotate and Collaborate with email
email is a convenient and fast way to review and approve documents within a workgroup, or with people outside your organization. PaperPort works with your current email system to enhance the digital review process, by converting Word and other editable documents into more secure PDF files - which can be read, but can't be edited. This is especially ideal for reviewing contracts and other important documents. For capturing review comments, PaperPort supports creating and viewing annotations within PDF files, including sticky notes, highlights and stamps.

Turn Paper into Digital Documents with Network Scan & Copy

Eliminating paper is perhaps the single best way to increase productivity and reduce costs. When paper is stored on the computer as a PDF file, everyone has fast and reliable access to the information on those documents. PaperPort Professional helps Millions of people - including home office workers, lawyers, insurance agents, real estate agents, doctors and business professionals to eliminate paper and to streamline the way they work with all of their documents. Easily scan using any connected or networked scanning device including flatbed, All-in-One and Multi-Function Devices. PaperPort supports WIA, TWAIN and ISIS scanner drivers as well as important industry-standard formats including PDF, TIFF and MAX. Its unique ability to work with desktop, network and departmental scanners and even digital copiers make it an invaluable productivity application for organizations of all sizes.

System Requirements
•Microsoft Windows 98 (SE), Me, 2000 (SP4 or higher) XP (SP1 or higher)
•Intel Pentium processor or equivalent
•128 MB RAM, 256 MB RAM or higher recommended
•150 MB free hard disk space
•Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (free download available at
•CD-ROM drive (required for installation)
•SVGA monitor, minimum 800 x 600 pixel resolution with 256 colors. High Color in Windows 2000 and Medium Color in XP (16-bit color) recommended
•A Web connection is required for activation and automatic updates

If you would like to find out more information on this or any other great ScanSoft products you can visit thier website at:

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