Running a company? Easy! Microsoft Project proves it!

Finally.  A simple to use, straightforward, all frills aside, project

management program.  Manage schedules and resources, share and communicate project status, and report and share and compare and contrast project information with relative ease.  Keeping your projects neatly organized is the biggest step towards staying within budget, and we all know how much energy is expended in striving towards that goal.  So finally, everything you need to make that seemingly illusion a realized reality.  All in one neat little package.  Microsoft Project.   

Offering features such as 'what-if' analysis and solid collaboration capabilities, Microsoft Project is set to take over the demanding project-management market.  They've taken the best and left out the worst.  You can even convert existing task lists from Microsoft Excel and Outlook directly into Microsoft Project Plans.  Grouping has never been easier and information displays include easy to read and painless to navigate diagrams and charts. 

One of the best things about this product is that, for someone who has never touched a project management program before, it is easy to use

 and learn.  It offers templates for such projects as Software Development, New Business, and Office Move, so it's easy to start and manage multiple projects without being overbearing on its demands.  Project is a very self-contained, low-maintenance package that is designed to make life and business management easier, and that's exactly what it does. 

The Interactive Project Guide takes you step by step to creating and managing a project.  It leads you through the four basic building blocks of creating a project…tasks, resources, tracking, and result reporting.  There are instructions and wizards for each phase which help you sort out project goals, resources available and needed to realize these goals, and the best methods to organizing and scheduling specifications to meet those goals.  Project also offers easy to read graphic views for checking up on the allocations status of the people that have had certain tasks assigned to them.  Periods marked in red indicate an over-bearing amount of responsibilities on that individual or department, recommending you lighten their load a bit for maximum quality efficiency.  The program even offers the Resource Substitution Wizard, which automatically matches the profile of what you need to individuals within the pool and assigns them tasks based on availability and location. 

The networking capabilities of Project seem almost limitless.  Integrated with Microsoft SharePoint Team Services lets you store and organize

any and all documents linked to a particular project centrally by posting to Microsoft Project Server, where you can track all changes and progress on the various aspects of the project at hand.  It also has the ability to send email notifications to remind of coming deadlines, as well as the smarts to report on team status and the ease of document and report sharing across the various departments and sections of the project.  Multiple views that include a calendar, Gantt chart, and task sheets improve communications compatibility across the relevant departments of any given project. 

All in all, there's no reason that you should be without this program.  It is there to make every aspect of a project more efficient and easier to work with.  Microsoft Project is there to make sure everything in regards to your operation runs smoothly, and that's exactly what it does.  Don't waste time, energy, and most importantly, money, on dealing with the tedious and mundane…Project will take care of all that for you in order to leave you to deal with the important thing…making your project succeed.

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