Photoshop World 2006


Photoshop World 2006, a utopia for photography and graphics! It's world-class instruction, and the hottest new technology on the planet, this is the place to be!
Photoshop World 2006, held in Las Vegas, gave entrance to a dazzling planet filled with imaginative possibilities. The Tech Expo offered up-to-the-minute products from the hottest companies around. Here you could see the latest hardware, cameras, printers, plug-ins, storage devices, imaging software and newest peripherals for Photoshop. An extra plus of the trade show are free tutorials demonstrated by highly acclaimed pros.

Smiling faces when doors finally open

At the Photoshop conference, professionals and amateurs alike benefit immeasurably from the staggering 75 classes taught over three days by 36 of the world's leading photographers, experts and Photoshop gurus.

To answer any Photoshop questions that may have been puzzling you there's a 'Help Desk Live' tech crew headed by Napp Help Desk Director and author of "Photoshop CS2 for Dummies," Peter Bauer.

Peter Bauer at "Help Desk Live"

New to Photoshop World this year was a free (to conference attendees) one on one professional photography portfolio review by top-notch photographers.

My first day at Photoshop World was for the full day pre-conference workshops available with some of the top professionals for an additional fee.
Lucky me chose Mondo Media Mania, put on by the Senior Creative Director at Adobe, Russell Preston Brown, 2002 inductee into the Photoshop Hall of Fame and author of "Photoshop Show," an entertaining, easy to follow Photoshop book. His motto is 'learning Photoshop should never be boring.'
For more information on Russell Brown and free tutorials, downloads, cool links, and a podcast).

"Dr. Brown's pre-conference hands-on workshop"

We soon found ourselves engulfed in 'The Russell Brown Show.' Attending his class was like going to a performance of Cirque Du Soleil, as he morphed into zany mad-scientist 'Dr. Brown,' complete with lab coat and tendrils of hair towering 2 feet above his head. To put it mildly, Russell Brown is quite an experience.

"The Dr. Brown Show" begins

He's known to give out goodies at his seminars and this would be no exception! Each participant received a 128mg. jump drive, a pen (with pull-out of CS2 tips), a training manual, choice of one of 3 new Photoshop books, a CD of tips, techniques, printing profiles, a free $40 font file, and resource websites. (I'm listing the url.of the vendors and link to the tips).

In the past if you wanted to do something distinctive with an image commercial printing was necessary. Modern ink jet printers are so versatile that many new companies are cropping up to service the need of creative professionals, taking them to their artistic edge.

Dr. Brown gave away six Epson R1800's

Epson R1800 printers were used for the class.
Dr. Brown gave away six Epson R1800 printers and an Epson 340 for the printed image in each of the selected media stations that worked the best. Some winners additionally received full sets of Epson ink and Red River Paper. Runner-ups also were given free media.

Participants were encouraged to try out all available options. One could print on silk panels, laser-engrave images onto wooden boxes, try a variety of paper, make tattoos and print greeting cards.
Mondo Media Mania was a play-shop of tips with the quirky, amusing 'Dr. Brown' at the helm.

I've been tantalized by tales of a new version of Photoshop in the works, and when 'Dr. Brown" first booted up, I spied a different Photoshop icon on the screen's upper left corner. Then he said 'whoops, you didn't see that'. He quickly opened the current version of CS2.  (Rumor has it that Russell is releasing new scripts for easily processing multiple images that are supposed to be faster, newer, and stronger. He demonstrated an action using six different profiles, showing six different variations of the same image that play on the same page. It's not like the adjustment> variations. This will be a new Superman version.

Dr. Brown's specialists showed possibilities we weren't aware existed.
Son Do, co-founder and technical officer of Rods and Cones, and an internationally known designer, is the ultimate authority on printing and color management.

Son Do prints on unique paper types

He created stunning presentations with paper types I didn't know could be used with a home printer.
He printed on Japanese rice paper, fibrous paper
metallic papers, holographic paper, and 'glow in the dark paper.'

Jack Duganne of Duganne Ateliers, creates fine art digital images and he originated the term giclee. Aside from that, Jack came up with a way to print digital skin decals with Epson ink, using a special print sheet he produced using a water-soluble gelatin surface upon which the design is printed. Another double adhesive, mylar type paper is laminated on it and peeled off. Then it's soaked in water and applied to skin with a sponge.
How fun to use at an event using a company saying or logo or even at a party where you sketch designs or use photos to make the decals. You can even use separate drawings or images for each decal.

Skin decals (t) you can draw it (b) this won an Epson R1800

PhotoGlow displays professional photos giving them a real punch. A photographer or illustrator mounts their image in a PhotoGlow frame. It lights up with an even glow from the back. It makes an eye-catching presentation, as you can see from the photos I took of the lit and the unlit images.
Well yes, I guess you could display that giant picture of your love in one!

Phtoglow Frame (t) lit (b) unlit

ColorTextiles owner, Lori Dvir-Djerassi, created a line of natural fiber fabrics that are paper backed and treated for inkjet printers to print on your designs or images. You can print beautiful images yourself and they're 100% washable.

ColorTextiles prints on silk panels. This won an Epson R1800

Red River Paper Co. printed greeting cards. They supply a line of professional paper goods and offer paper for home or professional printing of greeting cards, business cards, and books. You can even have them do the printing.

Epilog lasers were used to create a distinctive way to make a cherished image a unique keepsake.
Images were laser engraved on wooden boxes.
Local companies can engrave your image on wood for an affordable price.

Epilog Laser wood engraving (b) this won an Epson R1800

The Russell Brown Experience is a magical mystery tour filled with first-class information, and huge perks. A must-do for professional or aspiring photographers or Photoshop aficionados. He should be on one of those 'top ten things to do' lists.

Tech discussion

Photoshop World starts with a Keynote address. It's entertaining and demos PS tips. They showed some new technology code named 'Red Pill.' Uh-huh---again, here's that icon I spied on Russell's screen. It's obviously the new version of Photoshop. They were using the new Mac Book Pro to show its compatibility.

From what I could glean, because they're keeping this hush-hush, is there is apparently something new to do with motion since the whole screen started to move. My bet would be that 'Red Pill' will include video capabilities. Wow!!
Photoshop World is organized by Scott Kelby; president of NAPP, (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).

Scott is Editor and Publisher of "Photoshop User Magazine," and other esteemed magazines, and holds the record for top-selling author of Photoshop how-to books on the planet. His books include the "Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks" series."

Books were 25% off at the trade show

At the Canon booth was globally renowned Eddie Tapp, an award-winning photographer. He's one of Canon's exclusive "Explorers of Light" photographers. At the full-day workshops he taught Creative Discoveries. Eddie's an author of outstanding how-to books and instructional cds on professional enhancement techniques, color management and digital workflow. He takes what people learn in other classes and enhances it for them by teaching them easy to understand techniques. His brand new book, "Photoshop Workflow Setups" is quintessential Eddie, with easy to implement instruction. Check out his website for information on his series of cds, books, seminars and free tutorials.

Eddie Tapp and Julianne Kost Software-Cinema training cds

Greg Gorman, an internationally famous celebrity photographer, taught a seminar at PSW for Epson. He has photographed superstars like Andy Warhol, Bette Davis, Mohammad Ali & Pierce Brosnan to name a few.
His exquisite photos are published in his books and they're extraordinary. Greg is another of the elite photographers who is one of Canon's "Explorer's of Light." He's based in LA but teaches Photography/ Photoshop seminars at his Mendocino studio. He's a wine aficionado and has wine tastings and gourmet dinners as part of the seminars. I've studied with Greg. An amazing experience, but I haven't yet been to the Mendocino happening. It's one of my top priorities.  Website:    

Greg Gorman. Celebrity Photographer

Michael Niness, Executive Director for, was a senior instructor for Adobe. Inexplicably he was stolen away by (OK, they obviously offered him big dough). Besides his instructional cds he is author of "Photoshop Power Shortcuts."

Michael Niness, "What happens in Vegas gets photoshopped out!"

And does this guy know his stuff.  Like he'll give a Photoshop demo of some "new" tip. The audience gasps. Then he tells us the tip has been available since PS1. Who knew? Everyone is blown away. is a 24/7 online educational library full of computer classes on just about everything by some of the most revered trainers. It's one of the best deals going. Watch tutorials on a basic membership; on the advanced you work along with the instructor. If you'd rather have a hard copy in your hands they sell training CD's outright.
Michael gave me a url to a one week free pass to What's awesome is he'll let me give it to you!
Free pass url:

With buy royalty-free photos for an affordable price. Small web-ready photos for as little as $1.

istockphoto and Shutterstock booths

Shutterstock, a stock photo company with a monthly service charge.

Santa Fe Workshops gives excellent photography and Photoshop seminars taught by top experts. Jerry Courvoisier, Digial Lab Director said they offer both hands-on workshops at the school and at exotic worldwide locations. They also have a store. I was shopping for a certain computer when they sent me an email about a discount on it that month. OK, I said I was lucky.

Santa Fe Workshops booth

If Santa Claus is a techie, he'll know I want a Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet that lets you draw right on its 21' screen, which moves. Wacom's the most popular company for drawing tablets.

Photographer, Tyler Golden watches Wacom seminar

Envious of people deemed important enough to have their image emblazoned on a postage stamp? Well that can be you. Photostamp makes it possible to actually print usable postage stamps of your favorite image.

Photostamp, Samy's camera and Hoodman booths

Hoodman makes useful items for camera buffs. There's a right angle viewer that fits on Canon, Nikon and Fuji Digital SLR cameras, eliminating belly crawling to line up a shot. Another handy device is their Magnifier/Hood Combo that magnifies the LCD screen image to see if little Susie's eyes really are open.

Eye Candy 5 and Nik Plug-ins are amazing. I could write a story just about them. Check them out:
Eye Candy 5 Website:
Nik Plug-ins Website: 

Eye Candy 5 is an awesome plug-in!

Eye Candy? No that's Brandon Rollag, high performance car engineer

Camera, techie, hardware and software exhibitors all offer show discounts at the event.
Websites:  http://www.samy'

Tech Expo, free demo classes

These are additional seminars I attended by these acclaimed Photoshop Pros at PSW 2006.
Here are links for tutorials and downloads:

Julianne Kost: Adobe's Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist, and author of the new "Window Seat: Photography and the Art of Creative Thinking."
A world-class instructor of designers, photographers, educators and fine artists. 2004 Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee.
Website:  http://www/

Bert Monroy: An unsurpassed photo-realistic illustrator and author of numerous Photoshop books, and contributing columnist to "Photoshop User Magazine." 2004 Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee.

Jack Davis: Designer/ Illustrator/ Photographer/ and author of the award-winning "The Photoshop Wow! Books." 2003 Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee
Free training/movies: (They also sell training cds)
Online classes

Deke McClelland: Trainer and author of over 80 technology and design books, translated into 20 languages with 3 million copies in print. He hosts the DVD-based training series Total Training. 2002 Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee.

The Tech show and conference had a plethora of world-class instructors. I wish I could have covered them all.

Bye Photoshop World! See you in Boston in April 2007!

Information on next Photoshop World 2007, Boston:

Photos by Judith Orr

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