GoToMyPC 6.0 Review – The Easiest and Most Functional Remote Desktop Software

Version 6.0 is the latest version of GoToMyPC by Citrix Online . It lets you remotely control a computer, hear the sounds, transfer files, and invite others to view and assist from anywhere in the world. It is amazingly easy to install and use. I’ve played around with other remote desktop solutions and found this hands down easier then any out there. It lets me access my computer from any computer in a minute. Citrix released the first remote access software on market in 2001 and since then has been the worldwide remote access leader as stated by the IDC Leadership Grid.

This thing is preconfigured to be easy to use and safe, yet still have lots of features that are customizable. The installation took me two minutes while chit-chatting on the phone and a minute later I was accessing my laptop from my desktop. It worked perfectly with my firewall, browser, and internet service provider without having to change anything.  

With GoToMyPC I can access my music from my computer to download to somewhere else, access presentations or files I forgot to download, or show off pictures on my computer. I travel a lot and I often forget something on another computer. I can even access my Outlook Email at an internet café without having to install Outlook, configure my email accounts, and download my messages.

To use it all you have to do is install it on your host. Go to, log in, and click connect. In under a minute you can access a remote desktop and seeing everything exactly as it would if you were there.  It even showed me my full wide screen laptop on my desktop and plays sounds.

You can even reset your computer remotely and then reconnect to begin using it again. Whenever your computer turns on it connects to the GoToMyPC server so you can begin accessing your computer.

Software as a Service
This makes it really easy to access your computer from anywhere as long as you can get on the internet. GoToMyPC is software as a service which means all the software is web-native and Citrix Online hosts and operates everything on their server. They designed GoToMyPC using the Safe platform focusing on making it as Safe, Available, Fast and Easy and possible for anyone to use.


There are a lot of awesome features in GoToMyPC 6.0. Once I connected to my computer it automatically determined my connection speed and turned on or disabled features depending if I could handle it. I was easily able to go into the settings and change anything I needed but found everything that was default was everything I really needed.

They include an easy to use drag and drop function to copy files between computers. Other competitive software I used do not include this intuitive feature.  It also will let you cut, copy, and paste between the computers with ease.

It also has a really simple to use printing. When you want to print something from your host computer just pick the GoToMyPC printer and it sends it to the client that you’re controlling from. They went out of their way to make things very intuitive and easy to use.

It also has a really cool multi monitor support. If the host computer has multiple monitors you will be able to access and use them all. It has a mini map to show you all the different monitors at once and will even alert you when there is a change on one of the monitors.


  • Automatically disable features based on connection speed
  • 2 minute setup
  • Access from anywhere with internet
  • Resizable viewer
  • Drag and Drop File Transfer
  • Remote printing
  • Guest Invites to view and control host
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste between computers
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • Desktop shortcuts for easy/fast remote connecting
  • Keyboard locking and Screen blanking of host
  • One time or long term passwords

Pro and Corporate Editions
Businesses can benefit from these other version of GoToMyPC. This is good for companies who need a cost-effective remote-access solution giving them remote access to their work computers from home.

GoToMyPC comes in Pro and Corporate editions as well

The GoToMyPC Software also comes in different versions. There is a pro and corporate edition.  Currently no other remote desktop software has been designed for anything other then individual users. Citrix Online has designed these two editions to help save money and solve problems.   Employees can access their work emails, software, and files from home. It comes in handy for emergencies in case someone forgot to download an important file before leaving the office.

The Pro and Corporate edition allows the adding and removing of users, the grouping of users, usage monitoring, and centralized administration and billing. The Pro edition is designed for companies with 2-20 people. The Corporate is designed for 20 and more users. The corporate edition adds further features such as a Dedicated Account Manger, ability to limit features users can access, install and upgrade centrally, authorize host and client computers.

·          Admin controls

  • Manage Accounts
  • Group Them
  • View Connections in Real-Time
  • Grant/Deny Features
  • Text all end users

·          Security features

  • Force password changes, schedule password expiration
  • Setup lockouts for cumulative failed passwords
  • One time passwords enforcement
  • Hours of access

I can even view my laptop on a Mac computer. I didn’t have to do anything special for my virus scanner, browser, or firewall to allow GoToMyPC to function. Any java enabled computer can view my host pc including Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Solaris operating systems. It is also Vista Compatible. Windows Mobile enabled devices can also connect, view, and access the remote computer.

I left my computer to make a phone call and I was happy to find out that my connection was timed out. I went back to and I had to re-log back in to connect to my computer again. The default setting times you out in 15 minutes. This and other features leave you very secure without having to worry about someone getting on your computer and doing malicious things. The website is SSL secured and the remote connection is secured with 128-bit AES encryption authorized by Cybertrust. Because of their wonderful architecture design you can use the software and be secure without having to change firewall settings and have other problems.


GoToMyPC by Citrix Online is hands down the simplest to install, most intuitive to use, and contain the most features of any remote desktop software. They have a remote access solution for individual users to have unlimited remote access to 1 or more PCs as well a solution for small to large businesses. Citrix Online provides a one month free trial so individuals can instantly give it a try and see how easy it really is. Companies can also contact Citrix Online to obtain a free evaluation.  

The GoToMyPC software by Citrix Online is available at

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