Easy PC Tune-Up is Really Easy

Here is software that you can feel safe and confident about actually doing it's job.

Tune up your PC with the 8 most important tools for faster performance and crash prevention. Are you worried about your computer crashing and losing data? Does your PC run slowly? Are you frustrated by slow downloads from the Internet? With easy-to-use features and automatic maintenance, Easy PC Tune-Up has everything you need to make your PC run faster and solve these computer problems.

Performance Optimizer Scans 12 major settings and checks for errors, so you can keep your PC running efficiently. Automatic Diagnostics Automatically analyzes your PC and uncovers hidden problems by predicting hardware failure and memory overload. Crash Prevention System Detects errors ahead of time so you are way ahead of any problems that might cause your PC to crash while in the middle of important work.

I personally found this software easy to use; from the time I removed it from the box, to the easy step-by-step instructions that guide you through the uncomplicated installation. Though when you pull the instruction manual out it is kind of intimidating, it looks like you are going to have to read a novel to start to use this software but be rest assured that it is more of a reference manual than anything.

The first thing I did was run the Automatic diagnostics check. This goes through and checks everything form video, audio, memory and your processor giving them all a pass or fail grade. If you receive a failing grade on any of the system components diagnosed you can then go through with the performance optimizer and repair the component.

This program also comes with the capability to do quick and safe file transfer from one disk to another or even one partion to another with an easy to use split screen interface that allows you to toggle folders and programs.

The Hard Drive Clean-up feature analyzes and automatically identifies and removes unused files. I found this a great feature, it actually found and got rid of files that have been stuck on my PC for awhile that even using my Add and Remove function could not get rid of.

The Easy file Compression, Zip's files so you can get back space that you can use for other purposes on your HD without actually having to get rid of important files you may need.

This reviewer thinks that Encores Easy PC Tune-Up is a great product and could be used by even the most inexperienced PC users. So if your PC is running slow or crashes quit often maybe you should get an Easy PC Tune-Up of your own.

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