Adobe® Creative Suite 2 Premium....A Personal Perspective

If you're thinking about stepping-up to the new Adobe® Creative Suite 2 Premium, go right ahead...Enjoy yourself (and be more productive). You can probably guess that you'll get too much for your money. But, when have you gone to a fancy buffet and tried to load every delicious option on your tray?

No need to take in all the varied features of CS2; Just go back and savor them later. And, with so many Adobe improvements, this review will limit itself to a few insights and some notes from personal experience.

The CS2 software contains new versions of Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, GoLive®, and Acrobat® as well as Version Cue®, Adobe Bridge® and Adobe Stock Photos. Creative Suite 2 takes deeper strides into integrating your work for print, the web and mobile devices.

V.P. Makes Points With Its Smooth Operation

I found Photoshop's new Vanishing Point tool extremely clever and versatile. It allows you to directly and simply extract perspective information from one portion of your picture and apply it as needed elsewhere. In the past you may have faked the perspective or even set-up construction lines extending out to vanishing points on the horizon. The faking may not have proved to be particularly convincing. And your constructed perspective very likely called for vanishing points way beyond the limits of your screen.

More windows have been added to the buildings and their reflection in correct perspective.

Photoshop's Vanishing Point takes care of those concerns. It turns technical work into a fun activity. Instead of reaching beyond the perimeter of your photo, you capture what you need from within the picture itself. Vanishing Point makes the calculations for you and then adjusts your work to suit your needs. With this kind of help, you will feel more like trying out compositional ideas. You'll gain a new perspective about what used to be guesswork and drudgery.

See What's In Stock From Adobe Bridge

The Bridge, like that of a ship, gives access to Creative Suite features and files. From here, you can locate stock photos.

I was able to access Adobe Stock Photos. I had heard that there were some complaints about the high cost of the pictures in this collection. Based on my own experience, the prices are very reasonable. Those who may have paid for studio time, possibly with a model, hairstyling and makeup are likely be very happy to have this option. And low-res pics can be downloaded free for use in trial layouts.

Adobe's prices are based on the size of the image you need; if you need a smaller image, it will cost less. Compare Adobe's prices with some other stock photo services where the amount is determined by the size and how the photo will be used: a cover photo costs more than one used on page three, a full page costs more than a half page, a large press run costs more than a small press run, etc. And Adobe's 'royalty free' feature should also be seen as a money-saver. You do not have to pay another fee when you reprint a brochure as was the case with one of our clients who paid about $650.00 each time he reused a photo of downtown Los Angeles. Adobe's royalty free photo collection is extensive, high quality and great to have at your fingertips.

Many Other Features

A spot color has been added to a black and white photo creating a duotone.

Acrobat now allows comments within PDF files' great for communication within groups who share the same project. I use it regularly to provide commercial printers with essential project information. Illustrator CS2 offers a Live-Trace feature that changes bitmapped images to vector images. Illustrator also provides a direct and simple way to add spot color to a grayscale image (make a duotone) that can be depended upon to separate correctly for printing.

Use Illustrator's Live Trace feature to create a working drawing that can be converted to paths or a Live Paint object.

Once traced, the art can be colored intuitively using Illustrator's Live Paint and paint bucket.

In fact, all components of the suite offer improvements including new tools. And the interface between each part continues to become smoother with each offering. That, along with the addition of Bridge, a kind of super-manager, gives the user a unified design environment from which to reach out for new levels of accomplishment.

To read more about Photoshop CS2 click here 

Photomontages I Made Using Photoshop

Here are some examples of photomontage that I would not have been able to create without Photoshop. You will be looking at very small images. They are actually museum quality (often prize winners) that are about twenty inches wide. Each one is a combination of photos I took in various locations around the world. If you go to my homepage at the end of the pictures, you will be able to see the underlying photos that make up each montage.


"Ladies of Spain"

These photos or parts of them make up Ladies of Spain.

"International Marketplace"

The woman at the left of the Marketplace is near the left side of the arch. More source photos are at the website below.

"In a Paris Park"

"Victory at the Bridge"

"Two Women"

"Procession in Portugal"


For further examples of Allen Lieberman's prize-winning photomontages click here

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