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We've all been in this situation. Someone we knows goes on a trip and brings home hundreds of photos of every detail and makes you sit there and relive the experience with them, avoiding finger prints. And just when you think its over there is another stack "this great place in…" you get my point.

Sharing memories can still be a fun and exciting experience for both viewer and presenter and Adobe's new Photoshop Album proves it. Always on the cutting edge of new digital technologies, Adobe, steps back a moment with its new product. The innovation is still there as is the ease of use. However, unlike many of its products Album is cut and dry, no deep intricacies, no overbearing options, just a simple effective program for storing and organizing digital photos.

Sure the program comes with many features such as the ability to create digital slideshows with titles and music, or make minor touchups to photos, but the joy is in its simplicity. Adobe understands that some people don't want to color correct each individual hue shade in each pixel and it designs the program for thorough but general use. Never over complicating with options as are many of Adobe's, sometimes overburdening, high-end programs. Instead it's one button. The Fix Photo feature automatically corrects brightness, contrast and color.

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It also provides a fun way to document your life, with it's album like organization. It's all drag and drop. Organize by date, event, name, and even in calendar form with seasons and holidays. This becomes almost addictive if you're the kind of person who enjoys documenting events for friends and family.

Suddenly you're handing your enthusiastic friend a CD with dynamic songs and titles, zooms and fades. Narration comes in. Finally those pictures about, "this great place in…" seem worth reliving and not tired photos from a shoebox. It's good to see with all it's pro-level jazz, Adobe still knows how to have fun.

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