Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio Premium Review

This Latest Adobe Production Studio Is an Answer to all needs of post production work. Adobe Production Studio is part of Existing Adobe Creative Studio Family of Products. It includes Adobe's Start of the art Post Production Application Packages Such as Adobe after Effects 7.0, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Adobe Audition 2.0, Adobe Encore 2.0, Adobe CS2 and Adobe Illustrator CS2. It includes Adobe Dynamic Link which gives a highly efficient workflow experience...It includes world class video and graphics software's which have time saving integration techniques.

The Adobe AfterEffects Interface

Adobe After Effects 7.0 is one of the most widely accepted software's in the industry  for producing motion graphics and visual effects  for films, video, DVD and web-designers. It has new unified user interface with dock able panels. It has a new graph editor to make precise animations as well. It is designed to work across multiple layers. It has 32 bit High Dynamic Range Color Support,

The Adobe After Effects 7.0 Package

It also has an ability to export Flash files which will make most of the web designers happy. Apart from these amazing features it comes with hundreds of effects and animation presets. This new release comes with a redesigned User Interface organize and streamline the user's workflow. This release has advanced Open GL 2.0. It has Time Wrap to slow down/speed up the footage with smooth crisp results and minimal losses. This Time Warp works using the pixel motion to create accurate frame transitions.It comes with Adobe Bridge which allows the users to use powerful tools to browse and search digital media and integrate them. Adobe Bridge gives the users an easy way to add Meta data to their content, manage the files and to run batch processes.

The Premiere Pro Interface

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 This is a new version of Adobe's popular video editing software; it gives the users the ability to work with latest video formats such as HDV, HD and Flash. It can be integrated with Adobe after Effects and Adobe Photoshop. The multicam editing feature allows editing multiple camera captures at the same time, the user can view multiple video tracks from multiple shoots quickly and easily and edit between multiple tracks at the same time.

The Adobe Premiere 2.0 Package

The clips can be easily synced using the source time code. Easy and fast reviews with adobe clip notes. High Quality menu driven DVD's can be created directly from the adobe premiere pro timeline. This release features native HDV editing using this HDV format can be captured and edited in the original format without any conversion or quality loss. It has enhanced color correction tolls and 10 bit and 16 bit color resolution support .It offers integration with various formats and has Adobe Bridge, Adobe's File Browser for viewing and organizing video and audio files. Adobe Bridge uses XMP metadata top provide detailed information about files and provides powerful search capabilities.

The Adobe Audition Interface

Adobe Audition 2.0 is a new version of Adobe's existing audio editing software for mixing, editing, mastering and restoring digital audio. It includes a very flexible low latency mixing engine which has the ability to record parameter changes in real time and innovative tools for audio visualization and frequency space editing. It allows the users to work with high performance ASIO-driven audio devices, which operate with very low latency and enhance performance by enabling live input onitoring.

The Adobe Audition 2.0 Package

Audible scrubbing allows the users to scan through the tracks quickly to locate hard to locate edit points. It also has an analog modeled multiband compressor helps to control dynamics adjust loudness, and master your mixes with multiband precision. It helps you to record changes in the real time by using recordable parameter automation using external hardware controllers to make changes as well. It has a broader video format support to edit soundtracks for video and then expert the enhanced video in AVI, MPEG, DVI or WMV FormatIt has a new user interface which helps in creating and editing new music almost instantaneously. It also has Adobe Bridge for convenient file management with XMP Meta data for stronger search operations.

The Adobe Encore Interface

Adobe Encore 2.0 is a major upgrade of adobe's existing DVD authoring software. It simplifies the DVD creation process and has a new Slide Show Editor, Flow Chart View, Interactive Menus and Royalty Free Templates and images. It includes advanced integration with Adobe Photoshop CS2. It can be used to create creative designs and adding audio to the design.

The Adobe Encore 2.0 Package

It offers integration with adobe Photoshop therefore the users have the flexibility to create enormous number of designs for  creating striking DVD titles for Film,BUsiness,Training Events and more.It can be used to create slide shows with background audio and visual special effects for your DVD. Easily design DVD navigation with visual flowchart of menu and content links. It can be used to create multipage menus from chapters and slide shows in your project. It has the support for DTS audio therefore it increase the array of supported  audio format .It save the user a lot of time by allowing multiple assembly of video clips  using the time-line. It also has inbuilt Metadata Support to be used with adobe Bridge.It also includes Adobe Bridge and over 4GB of royalty free content is supplied with the product.

The Adobe Encore 2.0 Flowchart

The Adobe Encore 2.0 SlideShow

The New Adobe Bridge File Browser

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