5 Ways Data Driven and Technology Based Marketing Can Boost ROI

Businesses that utilize analytics and data to plan and execute their marketing campaigns almost always show higher profitability rates than those who neglect data. Companies that use programmatic and technology driven decisions to reach their target audience have higher conversion rates and better return on investment.

With tools like SalesForce, Google Analytics, and AcuityAds, you can gather relevant marketing information and use them to make effective marketing decisions. To motivate you to make more use of data in marketing, here are 5 benefits that data driven marketing offers to business owners.

1. Better Management of the Marketing Budget

Using data to take marketing decision helps marketing managers to stay focused and avoid breaking their budget just to achieve a particular ROI. For instance, with accurate data derived from your users' social profile, you can know the exact type of marketing effort that your audience loves the most. This type of information will prevent you from creating a digital video for your audience if there is sufficient data to show that they don't engage well with that type of communication.

2. Study and Beat Your Competitors

Data driven marketing enables you to enjoy a competitive advantage. You can use a programmatic advertising platform or software to discover what your competitors are doing, how you rank against them, and how you can outwit them. Social media analytics, for instance, can help you to know the number of retweets that your main competitors receive. You can also know how many followers or likes they have and the demographics of their audience. Search engine data can also help you to discover the keywords that your competitors are targeting and how to target the same keywords and outrank them.

3. Understand the User Experience and Improve On Your Landing Pages

Most digital ads lead people to a landing page on a website. That is why you should use technology that analyzes the behavior of users on your site to determine the how users are interacting with different parts of your website. Data collected from heatmaps will tell you the parts of the web page that are receiving the greatest number of clicks and mouse hovers. This type of data will enable you to increase conversions and provide a better user experience.

4. Data Helps You Deliver Better Content to Your Audience

The ability to make use of marketing data to develop your content can work wonders. This will ensure that your content resonates with your audience and helps them to solve an important problem or answer questions that are relevant to their needs. It is also important to use data to analyze the performance of different types of content so you can be sure of what converts readers into regular customers. Some analytics tools will help to know the keywords to use for your next blog post and how the post performs a few days or weeks after it is released.

Business owners and marketers are constantly seeking for ways to increase the return on their marketing investment. Using technology that gives data is one of the best ways to achieve this. Data driven marketing can put you ahead of your competitors and help you to discover new marketing opportunities.

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