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Valentine’s Day Gifting Game

By Donna Spangler

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This year surprise your Valentine with a special treat. Women and men love to get special gifts but you can also make the delivery of the Valentines Day gift fun and more interesting by adding a treasure hunt to the mix. First, get an appropriate present.


 It could be as simple as a box of candy to something more intimate like a piece of jewelry or something sexy. If it is a men’s gift, it may be intriguing to give something funny or something that can be used as a couple, such as an adult toy. Wrap it up and hide it somewhere interesting. Then, get a bunch of index cards and put the first one where your valentine can see it and read what is written on it.

 Example: “Hi special Valentine, you are going on a treasure hunt… go look under the couch”…then you have a card under the couch that says “now, look near the old books on the book shelf” or you can choose some other area of the house. Keep on doing this a few times so the suspense builds up until your valentine finally gets to the final destination where the present is located. This could be in a drawer or pantry or some other spot that can hide the wrapped gift. It is a nice touch to have a card with a sentiment. A Valentines Day treasure hunt always brings a smile to the heart!

Published on Feb 07, 2012

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