Valentine's Day 2015 - FTD Decodes the Flower Dilemma

Valentine's Day is one of the most pressure packed holidays of the year! So many options and whether you are picking something appropriate to your relationship and where you are at this point in time. FTD not only provides you with the best flowers to celebrate this day, but they will teach you how to "decode" flowers to make sure this Valentine's Day you literally give the perfect bouquet.

FTD provided the following information based on a Valentine’s Day survey (of 1,000 American adults):

• 3 in 5 people (61%) are happy when they see other people receive flowers, but 1 in 10 (11%) are jealous or sad

• More than half (56.9%) of Millennial guys are planning to spend more than $50 this Valentine’s Day compared to 45% of men aged 35-44.

• Nearly 1 in 5 men in the west plan to spend $150+ on gifts this Valentine’s Day

Onto the even more important information, Michael Skaff FTD’s VP of Design is going to teach you how to “decode” flowers. There’s more to buying flowers than you think, sometimes it’s not just about the color, it’s about the type of flower, how many and even the length of the stem

• What to send someone you’ve been dating a few months

o   Tulips are perfect gift when you’re first dating – they’re not as extreme as, say, a dozen red roses. Orchids are great too, even though they’re a bit pricier.

• What to send someone you’ve been with for a long time

o   It’s really about knowing that person’s taste; if you think they may not like roses there’s different options to choose from that carry similar messages. Roses are the first, most recognizable choice for men – and men tend to feel comfortable in sending them; for them it’s kind of a no-fail option.

• Trends in color

o   Purple is always a bestseller, all shades. It’s a great color for showing you care without being as extreme as red roses.

• Make sure Valentine’s Day go smoothly

  • Extend Valentine’s Day: Send something to the office or a surprise early is never a bad thing; and it also makes sure that flowers are still available, you don’t have to make any tough last minute decisions.


FTD is more than flowers, so if you are looking for something a little different this Valentine's Day you can try chocolate covered strawberries, a cute bear or any number of gift baskets.

For more information visit FTD and the FTD Early Valentine’s Day Sale

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