Unveiled Bridal Event Review - The Perfect Event for Upcoming Brides

On March 24, 2013, the Penthouse Suites of AT&T hosted West Coast’s finest bridal event Unvelied Bridal Style Revealed from 11 AM to 3:30 PM.  Whether you are a bride-to-be or a single soul who wants to get a head start on their future wedding planning, the Unveiled Bridal was something you did not want to miss.

Unveiled is an event that was created to help the future “I do” love birds in planning their perfect wedding by providing them the right resources, event professionals, designs, catering and more. The event was sponsored by 24 Carrots Catering & Events, Martha Stewart Weddings, Angeleno Magazine, The Bridal Bar, BEVMO! Weddings, California Brides, Classic Party Rentals, Penthouse Tower Suites of AT&T Center, and Your Bash!

Unveiled event began at 11 AM with exhibitors showing attendees their unique products and services such as accessories, shoes, dresses, cocktails, cinematography, coffee, entertainment, design, health, floral, photography, vacations, food and cake! Yes, I said food and cake! They had mouth drooling cakes and desserts that we got to taste. The catering exhibitors also had samples of their delicious food such as caviar by Petrossian Paris and little delicious bites by Wolfgang Puck Catering 

Wolfgang Puck Catering Display

 24 Carrots Catering & Events, and Patina Catering. The food looked as amazing as it tasted, perfect for the perfect bride!

If you are a cocktail fan, they had innovative drinks by Bevmo! Weddings. They had all sorts of drinks from light to strong and all had bride related names such as “Honeymoon Bride” and “Blushing Bride”. Then you walk a little further and find yourself in another 24 Carrots Catering & Events booth that made nitrogen infused icecream, which we all got to taste. Now that is unique! How often do we go to weddings and see nitrogen infused icecream? We all laughed as we saw people eat the icecream while the nitrogen smoke came out of their noses.

Other booths had unique products such as Vegan Shoes by Mink Luxury Vegan Shoes 

Hand Made Italian Vegan by Shoes by Mink Luxury Vegan Shoes

  which are made in Italy, Lash Extensions by Makeup Mandy, great coffee by Longshot Coffee (the name says it all), Wedding or Honeymoon in Thailand

Thai Bride and Groom attire


Thai Wedding Jewelry for the bride

 Cake designs by Mr. C in Beverly Hills 

Mr. C cake sample

  Cake Couture

Cake by Cake Couture

and Hollywood Hotel Roosevelt cake designs

Hollywood Hotel Roosevelt Cake designs

In addition to all the wedding collections, caterings, cakes and more, we were also able to visit non-profit exhibitors such as Wish Upon a Wedding to learn how to weave philanthropic ideas through a wedding.

While visiting exhibitors and enjoying their products and services, we were also listening to beautiful music in the background played by Elan Artists!

Performance by Elan Artists

After three hours of tasting delicious cakes, eating samples from the best catering companies, sipping on either coffee or cocktails, we had to head to the lower level for yet another amazing experience, a Vera Wang Bridal Fashion Show

Before the Vera Wang show, Lulu Powers delivered State of The Union Address. Lulu Powers is a best-selling author and entertaining designer, who shared with us some of her great experiences in planning the best weddings. We also learned from her some do’s and don’ts while preparing for a wedding. Part visionary and part teacher, Lulu translates her clients’ passions and desires in to a stylized culinary and entertaining experience.  She is a sought-after talent, inspiring mentor, and credible entertaining lifestyle expert. Her client list boasts a staggering collection of talent including Will & Jada Smith, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Arianna Huffington, among others.

Lulu Powers' State of The Union Address

Shortly after, Elan Artists began playing their soulful music to lead the beautiful models who wore Vera Wang’s 2013 Fall Bridal dresses to the runway. The dresses were breathtaking! They had various designs from simple to dramatic, light to heavy, something for every bride! Whether you were a bride-to-be or just someone who wanted to attend a fun bridal event, this was the part that caused goose bumps. Picture the feeling we get when we see a beautiful bride walk down the aisle, now imagine several beautiful brides wearing Vera Wang dresses walk down the aisle! Here are some photos Here are some of the beautiful dresses the models wore. 

Vera Wang Fall 2013 Bridal Show

Vera Wang Fall 2013 Bridal Show

Vera Wang Fall 2013 Bridal Show

Vera Wang Fall 2013 Bridal Show

Vera Wang Fall 2013 Bridal Show

Vera Wang Fall 2013 Bridal Show

Vera Wang Fall 2013 Bridal Show

The fashion show was followed by more cake sampling, cocktails and a fabulous gift bag to take home. This event was a spectacular experience for everyone who is getting ready for a wedding or someone who simply wants to collect wonderful ideas for their future wedding.

For a list of exhibitors from this event, please visit http://unveiledevent.com/exhibitors-los-angeles/


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